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Southeast Asia

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Flexible rattan stem has long been used for furniture production. The porous structure of rattan allows him to be flexible and sturdy crust – durable. Rattan Krasnodar presented in a very broad range. This furniture is environmentally friendly, very comfortable and surprisingly beautiful. Flexible stems allow you to create intricate patterns on the shelves, tables and chairs. The demand for rattan furniture is growing rapidly, and that no surprising for several reasons. First, each piece of rattan and features an original unusual forms.

Secondly, this furniture is suitable for any room and blends with any interior details. Today rattan furniture attracts attention also because it has all the advantages of furniture made from natural materials. Despite the luxury and elegance, rattan furniture is unpretentious in nursing. It is very light, and therefore a favorite rocking chair can travel after the owner of the house. In the Russian market of rattan furniture is known for recently. However, it is time to appreciate.

Rattan chairs, stools, sofas and even lamps appear in urban apartments and suburban homes. They are ideal for a spacious lobby and comfortable for children's bedrooms. Rattan tables and chairs – not just decoration for the garden, but also for the interior and restaurants cafe, where they create a really homey feel. Rattan is perfect for cold climates and can withstand extreme temperatures. Rattan furniture does not fade in the sun and is resistant against aging. Classic rattan color – light yellow: this furniture covered with transparent lacquer, retains its natural beauty. It must be said that fans can buy is unusual furniture, which is covered with red, black or green lacquer. From the forests of Southeast Asia rattan brings a spirit of forests and distant travels, casting dreams of magical adventures. Impregnated with exotic rattan furniture will give your interior a refined, fill positive energy of the Eastern countries.

Kitchen Countertops

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Kitchen countertops artificial stone worktops for the kitchen must be hygienic, durable and should not absorb moisture. Artificial stone is ideal for kitchen countertops. The surface of the the material is durable and hygienic. A bright touch to the interior of the kitchen countertop will of artificial stone, countertop, such breathes new life into your kitchen environment. The possibility of execution of any form of table top, variety of textures and colors, will play almost any design scheme. Artificial stone countertops are a lot of advantages even before the natural analogue. These countertops are resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences. Unlike natural stone, artificial surface is smooth and has no pores, which prevents the formation of bacteria.

The most popular countertop manufacturers such Artificial stone as: Corian (Corian), Polystone (poliston), Montelli (Montelli), Staron (Staron) and Hi-Macs. Production of these brands has proven himself not only overseas but also in the domestic market. By adding natural materials, Corian countertops production technology to provide high wear resistance, strength and durability. Saturation and color of products made of artificial stone for a long time keep the original appearance, in contrast to natural materials. Another equally important advantage of natural stone products Montelli, Corian, Staron is the possibility of seamless connectivity that does not restrict the designer's ideas. Beautiful in addition to kitchen countertops, undoubtedly, will serve as a bar. This item of kitchen furniture will add a room personality, emphasize unsurpassed taste and sophistication.

When choosing a countertop or bar made of artificial stone Korain not required to take into account the appearance of the product directly depends on how you take your measurements. The minimum difference in size can cause no joining of furniture. It is not necessary to produce measured independently, it is better to entrust this business experienced technician. Since the product of artificial stone quite expensive, it is necessary to treat the purchase with the responsibility to examine firms that offer this product available with additional services company. Attention! Not bona fide companies under the names of famous brands, products made of substandard materials. Remember the joy of low prices will last much less than the disappointment of poor quality.