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Thursday, January 9th, 2020

The most important aspect when it is assumed the challenge of leading a team, I think that it is dealing with subordinates, since the conduct of individuals is not predictable. When we assume the leadership of a team most of the occasions we will find three types of attitudes toward us: 1.-a group of workers show us your support incondicional.2.-a small group oppose us abiertamente.3.-that will only need to stay in the post. The most suitable is which leadership style that we use to generate a positive work environment with people that support and innovate in favour of the company, this can be achieved that most of our subordinates are located in the Group of people who have shown their support and that gradually go by dissolving the Group of those who opposed us openly. From my perspective, from a start, we must act as we tend to do it regularly, it is not advisable to assume poses or gestures that do not represent us, it is necessary that we send a real image, practically does not pretend to be another a person who is not. Linkedin often addresses the matter in his writings. The poses are discovered faster than ever imagined and this will cause that people hardly trust us when we communicate with an order or give any indication. To begin delegating must take into account the following aspects: 1. we must have the necessary knowledge, we can not delegate functions or activities of subjects or aspects we do not understand in its entirety, it is important to be very well informed and up-to-date. 2 We need to develop a communication one hundred percent effective, the principle of successful communication is know to listen and analyse what we convey, since this will help us give us account that not necessarily all initiatives must start from us, since other members of the team can also provide valuable ideas. .

Picture Look

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Measure the proportion of your pet, there is distance between the eyes, between the ears, from eyes to nose and mouth, and so on. Relate these basic features properly and your picture will look better than if they will not be calculated. The hardest thing for most artists – it's fur, how to make it look real? Use short strokes for short hair, longer strokes for longer hair. Use denser shading where the pet is darker and less dense, which is lighter. You will notice that even in all black pets have very little evidence is completely black areas, and when it comes to images on paper you will notice that the white pets will be a little dark areas.

Even using only a black pen (or pencil) and the album may see the color of animal. Agree, not all pets have fur, but you can clearly see the importance of drawing light shades of your animals. If you use a graphite pencil, not pen or ink, you can buy a few more dark pencils and some more light for convenience. The practice improves skills, and your first drawings, probably will not like you want. Do not worry, be reduced to a minimum correction, start again if your image becomes too messy and uncontrollable. Sometimes you'll see something like the figure is obviously wrong, but you can not understand that. Ask other people, let look at your picture and compare it with a photograph.

Sometimes they can help identify such an error, such as the eyes of animals that are too large, then you are simply unable to see, because you looked at the picture for too long. There is also a way to look at your picture in the mirror. Looking at his reflection, sometimes it's easier to notice errors in the same proportions. You certainly can specifically enhance some details of the portrait and make it your style, a certain error in the ratio leads to a change in the total impressions of the paintings, and although it will not be the exact image of your pet it may also be interested. Attracting your own pet is often easier than drawing someone else's. Since you regularly see a pet, you are more familiar with it and will know exactly whether the pattern is similar to the original. Anyone who wants to master the skills of writing, portraits of animals need a lot to observe animals and of course a lot of time to devote to practice drawing.