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Interesting Property Meal Substitutes

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Pischezamenyayuschie powders rid of excess fat and not only. Although substitutes for food (RFP) made to "apply" for a set of masses, they can help you in this important area as getting rid of excess fat. Pinterest is a great source of information. American scientists carried out special investigations, which have become the object of women lose weight on a comprehensive program (diet, healthy lifestyle, plus training) or with RFP, or without them. According to data published by European congress on obesity, for two years, members of the CP group threw twice as many pounds, than any other, and, most importantly, not gained it back. The experiment turned out really interesting.

All participants divided into groups. The first group lost weight at the beginning of an experienced dietitian. The whole group auditioned many lectures on the composition of food, learning to understand the caloric content of products, make the "right" menu, etc. The second group, "led" physician. Here, the menu selection occurred even more meticulously and under control. Finally, the third group (at GP) also received dietary counseling, but short, not longer than 10-15 minutes. Mainly on the differences and where food substitutes buy. As a result, a group led by a dietitian has lost 4.1% "source" of weight, the doctor – 4.3%, but the group to supply a substitute – 9.1%! In the blood of all participants in this group decreased low-density lipoprotein ("Bad" cholesterol).

At the same time improved and blood pressure. According to experts, a result of the experiments because the substitutes for food "profitable" menu of conventional products. First substitute Food is better balanced in composition of nutrients, and secondly, do not allow changes to portion sizes. It is also important that the powder mixture into the water, skim milk or juice (if desired) are better absorbed than natural products.

Choosing Equipment For Table Tennis

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Table Tennis – a very popular game, especially because the space for it is very easy to equip. Only need a partner, a special table tennis, racquet and ball. Opponent you will find yourself, and about the equipment let me give you some advice. Table tennis table is rectangular, with strong legs. There are rules about its size, developed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). They are as follows: length 2.74 m, width 1.525 m, height 0.76 m. It is desirable that the table was an all-weather, a good countertop is made of plastic, melamine or aluminum. If the height of 30 cm drop (not throw, namely drop!) For high-quality tabletop tennis ball, it bounces on the table surface 23 cm mat, usually black or green on the edges – a white band width of 2 cm separates the tops in half a tennis net, the upper edge of the grid in white.

If you play table tennis professionally, buy a table with anti-reflective coating. By the shape, weight and size of rackets special requirements not imposed, most importantly – their base is flat and hard. Color is also subject to gaming surfaces: one of them must be red, the other – black. Buying a racket, then her own hand. Take a few steps, typical for a game of tennis, make sure that the racket is not too hard, do not slip out of hands. Rackets are made of wood (solid wood only!) Or plywood. Their playing surfaces are covered with a thin uniform adhesive layer.

On the adhesive layer, mounted tires, how to, with pimples, to 10-50 per square centimeter (the tough racket.) Sometimes under a layer of bumps is a layer sponge rubber (soft racket). This attack does hit more powerful and makes the ball spin. We are different racket handle. Straight handle convenient to turn in my hand, it can be useful during the game. Flared and anatomic shape allows tighter grip to hold the racket, but move your hand on it harder. Tapered handle – it's a cross between straight and flared. Tennis balls are made of special plastic or celluloid. It should be white or orange, with a matte surface, have a diameter of 4 cm, and weight – 2.7 was, however, it balls to the requirements for professionals, which is marking ITTF, amateurs play balls of any color. To check the quality of the ball, put it on a flat surface and unwind. If it turns unevenly, so they can not play, because he has a rough surface.