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Management Information

Monday, May 16th, 2022

If it has certainties of what he speaks, its image is its postal card and the customer if he feels insurance to ask for to any opinion on the cardpio and any information on the place which is the stroll, creating automatically a management of relationship with customer, leaving it more the will to comment its appreciations in relation the foods and the drinks. 4 – Relationship with Customers Between one atendimeto and another one, the safe customer if sentidno with the waiter finishes passing information (what it likes to eat and to drink) important, the waiter in turn catches with much attention each detail forming a careful CRM (to customer relationship management – Management of Relationship with Customer) on the customer. Regarding this subject Kotler and Keller (2006, p.152) they say that ' ' it has crossed sales (cross-selling) and incremental sales (up-selling) ' '. Leaving of this premise, I intend to pass the knowledge of the two types of sales in the training of the waiters. Joe Biden understands that this is vital information. The CRM is a management of information of customers, in the above-mentioned commentary speaks that the waiter must catch with attention the information left by the customer forming a careful CRM there, information that value to the attendance of the waiter adds. Example: when a customer asks for a coffee and says to take it pure, without sugar and sweetener, if it is a frequent customer, nothing more natural than the waiter knows that when serving the coffee, must take it pure, without condiments adds. if treating to married sales (cross-selling) when the customer to ask for a fish to it with fruits of the sea as main plate, offer to salada of entrance as married sales it, and as developed sales (up-selling) offer a frutado wine to follow the main plate. The salada one comes to be of a low monetary value only marries the sales (cross-selling) and the wine comes to be of a bigger monetary value that the value of the main plate that if becomes incremental sales (up-selling).

Exportation Importation

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Documents of Exportation Importation the world is a global village now does not have almost nothing that are not moved between borders are books, foods, products of white line and even though cars. The documents that follow Exportation Importation are integrant part of all the activities of the importation and exportation. Importation and exportation are activities of routine for many companies. It is almost certain that you already were involved in the importation and exportation, in some level in its company, exactly that is only using products for its business. A common saying is that the importation and exportation do not have almost nothing to see with the products and yes everything to see with importation documents and exportation! It seems I exaggerate, but unhappyly it is truth! The importance of the correct documentation is not nothing exaggerated only part of the routine exportation and importation. If you are the type of person who simply cannot to be dealing with the papelada one, we suggest that it contracts somebody that can! The documentation is the basic rock of the international trade and the vital force of the life of it. Some variation in the documentation demanded for the commerce of country for country exists generally, but if it does not forget to include the following one: Order of purchase – It seems that a requirement of the market, but can be necessary for the financing. The purchaser can need to show the order to its bank to organize a temporary loan or customs can want to see ‘ ‘ papelada’ ‘ to certify itself that everything is valid.

Letter of credit – that is used to make payments of imported goods, a time that the necessary documents are you deliver. A credit letter, basically, says that the bank of the importer guarantees the payment since that all the documents foreseen in it are in sequence. Documents of Embarkment – ‘ ‘ bill of lading’ ‘ it is the bill of landing, necessary for the transferences of the aerial sea or, when the merchandises they are sent, as test of that the merchandises had been sent by the supplier. Certifyd of Origin – Some countries have restrictions to the importation of certain products, and can total apply same tariffs for or the baniz one them. Alternatively, it can have tariff benefits granted the products with ends specific that interest the country. In such cases, it will be necessary to present an origin certificate, that is endorsed by a prescribed appointed authority. Quality or Certifyd of Inspection – the purchaser specifies the necessity of inspection before the expedition and embarkment, to have certainty that the business is confirmed. List of Packing ‘ ‘ Packing List’ ‘ – The list of all the boxes inside of the container as well as its products. Forma bill of sale – ‘ ‘ Invoice’ ‘ it is more important document, describing the merchandises with details and the prices and final invoicing in the value of the chosen currency.

Brazilian Public

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Academic of Countable Sciences of the College FAME SUMMARY: Licitation is an obligator administrative procedure to the public power for acquisition of goods and services. It searchs best the proposal presented, demonstrating transparency, legitimacy, and guaranteeing economicidade the entity that carried through the licitation. Therefore, the developed work to follow had as objective to analyze the importance of the adoption of this process for the public agencies. Word-keys: proclamation, economicidade, transparency, licitation, proposal. 1.

INTRODUCTION Currently some forms of the licitatrios processes come being sufficiently argued for the which had Brazilian society to the constant denunciations of frauds. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Simplex Bitcoin Reviews and gain more knowledge.. The licitatrio process is obligator for the public agencies. However, the law does not prevent that it has corruption in the development of the licitations and this collaborates so that crimes happen as superinvoicing preterition. Notice on corruption in licitatrios processes had become common. The scandals involving the public agencies in licitations are shown with prominence in periodicals, journalistic programs of television and sites, evidencing the fragility of our laws. In this context, leading in consideration the obligatoriness of the licitation for the public agencies for acquisition of goods and services, the work to follow had as objective main to analyze the development of the licitatrios processes, objectifying to evidence the occurrence of economicidade of the public state treasury. For this, the work was constituted of bibliographical research on licitation and its modalities, the analysis of the actual Proclamation.

2. LICITATION Licitation is the administrative procedure for the purchases or services contracted for the governments, either Federal, State or Municipal.

Brazil Education

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

The EVOLUTION OF the EAD According to my knowledge, EAD is a new modality of education that establishs connection the virtual environment (Internet/system) to the pupil and professor, to make possible an interaction and to construct to the knowledge in its diverse areas of education, stimulating the learning through the intellect of the student staff, making possible it, over all autonomy and disciplines. EAD in Brazil reverberated in the government Squid, where it had an expansion of the long-distance course through the world-wide net of computers. Education in the distance, already existed but the same it was for correspondence, that is, through the Universal Institute, however the return of the course was not satisfactory. The main objective, of the EAD, is to take care of over all to the students who are more far from the capitals, offering growth chance and, fortifying the small cities with the hand of qualified workmanship. The advent of computer science, in the distance facilitated the learning for the people who inhabit in regions longnquas, since the computer became a tool important for the education process/learning, I interchange facilitating it between people, and becoming much more productive and satisfactory course EAD. The federal government, through the MEC, stimulated the universities publishes in adhering and implementing the project of expansion of the long-distance course in the country, aiming at the democratization of public education for all Brazilian territory, also in the cities. Course EAD is of great value for the development of these microregions, with respect to economy, for the fact to generate an increase in the empregabilidade index. The proliferation of the education through this method (EAD), will reduce the index of people without diploma of superior level in Brazil, mainly the provincial student, who this was penalizado with the lack of university in the neighborhoods of its residence.

At last, EAD arrived to democratize education Brazilian, in view of that it goes to generate diverse chances for the people who had never had possibility to attend a course a superior education in the actual form, for diverse factors. Also, it will be a with priority model for expansion of superior education in Brazil, therefore the imbalance of professionals of superior level sufficiently is accented. Face to the displayed one, would like to synthecize the evolution of the EAD with the comprehensive analysis of two situations displayed in figures 1,0 and 2.0: Figure 1.0 We can interpret figure 1.0 as the process of diffusion of the Internet, where the people are linked to the virtual world, what she generates the possibility of the search for the knowledge. Figure 2.0 In image 02, we can analyze that process EAD already is implanted and traditional education professor/pupil, of the place to the virtual environment where the pupil goes in search to extend and/or to improve its knowledge being started to be of this form the constructor of its proper one to know/to know, organizing its similar time to reach the final objective, that is to acquire professional knowledge and to extend horizontes.

Cuidam Process

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Auto-they esteem influence in that we make, therefore he is resulted of that we believe to be, therefore the self-knowledge is of basic importance to increase auto-esteem, that is, to trust itself exactly, to respect its limits to express its feelings without fear, to feel competent, aid sufficient. The adolescent who has a good one auto-esteem can feel will to inquire and to demonstrate kilo to it that feels. Of that he feels yourself acuado, in contrast unsafe, with vacant feeling of not being capable. In accord to this affirmation of FREIRE, (1991, p.73), he places: He is basic to respect the beginning of that the educative process is a collective process, in which the educator has a parcel of work that is to create pedagogical mechanisms of expression and explicitao of the fights, the doubts, of the uncertainties, of the word of the educandos. Recent research indicates that to inflate auto-they esteem of the adolescent students for same itself does not have positive effect on the qualification of the same ones.

For in such a way, it is necessary that inside of this process teach-learning as much educator how much educating feels pleasure in the environment. It is very important to work the transversal subjects on the basis of; promoting the formation of all the professors and employees of the project. The society was if becoming complex, the school as necessary educational instance to be one of half the most efficient ones to transmit knowledge and auto-they esteem for the adolescents. Phoenix Ancient Art can aid you in your search for knowledge. Therefore the school is born, from the necessity of the social process. For DEMON (1988) the education of quality has the following characteristics: solid Assegura base formation that propitiates the development of cognitivas abilities, operative and social, by means of the domain of the pertaining to school contents; Desenvolve processes of formation for citizenship; they Cuidam of the formation of moral qualities, traces of character, attitudes, certainty, as its ideal humanists; Incorpora in the daily pertaining to school the new technologies of communication and information.


Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

1 INTRODUCTION the paper of the leader and its style of leadership are basic to develop and to influence the Organizacional Climate. It contributes for the motivation of the team, passes confidence for the company and the feeling of valuation of the employee conquered through respect and credibility. Therefore a good leadership passes to organization a quality in its products and services, but also the leader has that to have the quality of the relationship, communication and integrated work of its employees. The leadership is necessary in all the types of organization, mainly in the companies, where a good leadership can generate satisfaction in a group of people as, one me the leadership can generate the separation of the same ones. Therefore it is on to one influences interpersonal, that she modifies the behavior, this must be directed to increase the satisfaction in the conquest of determined goal and reduction of the risks. This research allows to know the process of management of the companies, the great paper of leader in the organization, beyond opening canals and possibilities for the accomplishment of future research, getting and to repass information that contribute to extend the knowledge on the leadership in the organization to show a mechanism capable to harmonize the necessities of the individuals with the requirements of the organization. After a confrontation of different interests the consequncia most immediate is the conflict. For the fact of the people if to relate with other people with values, different beliefs, knowledge, experiences and objectives, the conflict is a waited result that it does not have to be prevented, but yes managed. 2 CONFLICTS BETWEEN 2,1 LEADERS AND LED CONCEPT OF CONFLICTS the Conflict is a definite and recognized process as characteristic of the human being. The main reason for this factor is the Human being to be integrated in a system of Inter-relations.

Importar To Export

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

If You Want To learn Importar To export You follow These Steps If you will be considering to work in Importation and Exportation, is most likely that you were to the search of programs on the form to matter and to export. You saw probably many courses on-line, many facultieses and university where you are capable to compromise its time and money. This article will go to supply a step by step easy instruction regarding as to import and to export the products that you are thinking. We go to start of the start: Anote its objectives, to give this how much possible so including step, as the amount of money that you need to generate, the hour whom it needs to operate, trips, house, the life conditions. Liste honest its strong and weak points, with regard to its weaknesses.

He has in mind if you cannot make it, you you will be capable to pay somebody for this. Pense on the item that you need to matter or to export. Decida on the structure of company. Only operator, partnership, corporation. Many times are recommended to say with a lawyer and an accountant. Comece its plan business-oriented, including: executive plan, monetary information and of comprovativos documents. It starts with an sketch and it shows to some business-oriented people who you trust so that they can offer a honest opnio. De name its organization, nothing much nonsense, has in mind that is better a name with a clear perception of what you make.

Prepare its environment of Decida work on its distribution and storage of merchandises and if had or and if you will not be working with item for ‘ ‘ Drop Shipping’ ‘ Faa Card-of-visit to Comear its analysis of the market Fale with: Load agent, banker, accountant, customs broker. Escolha if you will be exporting, import or both I am cliente of that this process can be difficult, but am with these steps on as importation and exportation stops to prevent lacks of details that can be crucial. to Analisar given in what it says respect to the nation that you to be considering to export or to matter. Anlise of transport alternatives Descubra possibilities on subsidies Localize the suppliers. Certifique of looking at for all the agreements with its lawyer.

Public Relations

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Kotler and Keller (2006) complement that the activities of public relations and assessorship of the press bring high credibility, for the substances and articles in periodicals and magazines, that become more authentic and trustworthy for the reader; possibility to catch purchaser unprepared, that is those that prevents salesmen and announcements, and the dramatizao, that becomes the company or the product most concrete. In this in case that, it fits to the advertiser to direct to communication vehicles the information to be divulged, that they can (or not) be used to advantage so that notice or editorias substances is changedded into. The consideration also of the proper marketing action is important. To sponsor good programs, to approve commercial that they do not attack the aimed at consumers they are factors of much relevance and consideration. At last, all the activities of a company have of if transforming into public relations. The proper work of marketing, elaborating strategically the made up of marketing, already is by itself an important activity of image formation (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997).

Kotler and Keller (2006) still cite as tool of Public Relations, the exploration of Events and Experiences. Diverse advantages of the connection with events and experiences exist: ) Excellent, an event or well chosen experience can be seen as extremely excellent to the measure that the consumer if becomes personally involved: b) Involving, due to vivacity and to the quality in real time of the events and experiences, the consumers can find them more actively involving: c) Implicit, the events are a type of indirect not aggressive sales. 6.2.5 Personal sales As Kotler and Keller (2006) are the tool most efficient in more advanced periods of training of the purchase process, especially to increase the preference and the certainty of the purchaser and to take it the action. The personal sales possess three distinct characteristics: ) Personal interaction: the personal sales imply an immediate and interactive relationship between two or more people.

To Manage Less Is To Manage Better

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

When Jack Welch became the CEO of General Electric, in 1981, the invoicing of the company age of US$ 25 billion, with US$ profit 1,5 billion. In 1999, the sales had reached US$ 112 billion, with profit in the house of the US$ 11 billion. In 2000, with the acquisition of the Honeywell, the sales had reached US$ 136 billion and profit US$ 13,5 billion. Criticized for ones (mainly in result of the reduction of the number of used), admired for many (considered ‘ ‘ the executive of sculo’ ‘), GE with Welch was palco of great strategical innovations, as its objective of only participating of markets where it could be in first or according to place (later substituted for the concept of redefinition of the business vision), the 6-Sigma program (when the results of the traditional programs of quality revealed unsatisfactory), e-business and the Work-Out (incentive to the participation of the employees). In the book Get Better Or Get Beaten, Jack Welch defends that the company controllers must to manage less, therefore this means to manage (using the word better ‘ ‘ gerenciar’ ‘ in generic direction, ‘ ‘ management’ ‘). this is the paradox of the management. Normally the heads, controlling, directors, etc., confuse its activity with being able, supervision, watching if the employees are working. It is added this the necessity of the same ones in if keeping busy, ‘ ‘ to give exemplo’ ‘ , to reveal important.