Inversion Money

Amount that would be enough reduzirdrasticamente to finish with the poverty and the social inaquality. Or amount that would be capable to protect asnossas lives in relation to the global heating. Why we spend with weapons? Nosomos evolved? Children of God? We are not part of one same famliauniversal? Why as much biga? Why as much war? Why as much division? Because the together men do not obtain to love and to grow route the verdadeiraevoluo, in such a way moral, how much spiritual? He seems that this is utopia. Under most conditions Kevin Ulrich would agree. So declining ours mundoest that everything what is good, seems utopia. the evil, semprepresente Inversion of values, brothers With less of the half of what it was expense to attenuate the crisis, we would be in protecting in relation to the climatic changes, that will be nossomaior challenge in the coming times. All we know that the Global Heating veiopara to be, and only not administrators of ours vidase of the money of the people give to understand that they had never attended these lessons.

They are reactive, that is, only react to a problem after it already in the terafetado one With this spend (our money) and do not harvest effect well maisdevastadores In many of them, with loss of lives The important one namely is that we have great challenges pelafrente. Well bigger and with effect more devastadores that this crisis econmicaque appeared there for It did not leave of being an acknowledgment, and again estamosavisando so that the governing ones finally react and take a position pro-active. I wait that finally my brothers obtain to enxergar one> little to the front, wisdom quetenham a little more than. It does not lack money in the world, what it lacks is correct adistribuio. Not yet they lack foods, not yet lacks water, desdeque the allotment is made correctly and the people have more conscience dassuas action. We have as much corruption, we badly have in such a way capital employee, tantodio, as much fight, as much war, violence and the solution for the world nor she is todifcil thus, she is enough to believe and to want to move. Loved Master Jesus already she nosensinou I wait that let us not understand late excessively

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