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The Social Classroom

Friday, January 6th, 2017

Mr. Joo Fernandes Da Silva did not have easy life, was born poor and managed badly its origins very. He was ambitious man, liveed parallel the line of the train, house of roadside of iron, however he was created as if he was a lord. Its mother was megalomanaca and its railroad father. Here, Wells Fargo Bank expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Its mother was helping of sewings in a house of dresses of popular fianc, however if contramaster in house of high sewing said. Wise person not to cut a t-shirt! She did not give its address for nobody, said that its house was in construction. During twenty years it fed this lie, and of in such a way lying she finished believing the fancy. She had an only son, its husband wanted at least plus a son, it she said not to obtain to engravidar and she used hidden of the husband, espermicida.

Its terror was to have a son and the worse evil, married. thus it lived, and thus the husband lived worried about its precarious health. Joo was created in the way of lies. He studied until the secondary one in particular college with stock market that the sister of the master of its mother obtained in the college where she was managing. It did not repeat year not to lose the stock market and it did not have conditions to make a superior course, started as office-boy in offices and was looking for always to improve, until arriving to work in the area of human resources of important company.

There it already was married young woman of its social classroom for desperation of its mother and it also that he cursed the life every day. Its woman was enslaved of the home. Joo was not satisfied itself, was married twenty years and more than alone to arrive where he arrived! The couple had a son that it was born pretty, arrived to gain a competition to be part in television novel.

Wild Capitalism

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

The express civilization for the wild Capitalism and the individualism; the nature, by means of the woman. The nature is based in the theory of Rousseau defends that it as being a space not corrupted for the man, therefore ideal. Other boardings will be: the working exploration, the submission, the movement feminist and interdiscursividade with the story ' ' The spindle, the shuttle and agulha' ' , of the Grimm Brothers. In 3 chapter, we will work the story ' ' Between the sword and rosa' ' , the tram treats to problematic authoritarianism x submission, but in a relation branch office. The princess becomes warlike running away from a marriage for imposition of its father. Here, we will make aluso to the history of the lendria Joana D? arc, the devoted girl who turned warrior and fought for its native land.

How much to the writer, we can say that its production is of extreme and only importance for literature. With its sensitivity and perception, it obtains to reach children, young and adults. It works social and human subjects through stories of fairies. It acts in the imagination and the unconscious one of the readers, always despertando the conscience, moving its paradigms and vises of the world. 1. MARINA COLASANTI AND WONDERFUL the 1,1 Aspects that delimit stories of Marina Colasanti? subjects and styles.

Colasanti marina uses elements that enclose the infantile public in such a way, how much the adult public. Everything what seems restricted to the infantile universe, in the truth, possesss a symbolism, loading a net of occult, essential directions for the life of the humanity. It makes use of called literature ' ' Maravilhoso' '. In accordance with Selma Calasans Rodriguez, ' ' Maravilhoso' ' it is a term derived from ' ' Maravilha' ' , that it comes of Latin ' ' Mirabilia' '.

The Tumult

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

I closed and any day I open of new, until saberque I still I place a dry iris inside of it. of this skill, you fazendode a particular rest was that I thus learned to be, eight or eighty, ten or one hundred, seven or seventy, all the set that you to judge necessary. Vocveio one, two, three, a thousand times until me. E, all these times, I never temandei even so, always gave shelter to you. E, all time that I died a little, eravoc killed who me. Tripudiava, cried out to the four cantos of my cabeaquadrada one that you had free pass there and that I nothing could make respeitodisso, after all, who created you was I. ' ' Aqui&#039 forgives the girl; '.

Its tolerance with the meusdesacertos, serenou the tumult of my head and a realmado angel helped me to aquietar coraocomo. Then I believe perhaps that failures in meeting can serencontros in potential – in new format or in another rhythm. Excuse still you dizerisso through metaphors, of what he is not yours, but that it finished being. It wanted sernua and raw pra not to leave more shades of doubts here. I found that you meesperava in the staircase.

It seemed me so subtle this that I wanted to go down with you. It does not understand for badly, ' ' but pro our samba was vital' '. Surprises pequenasem white and black chocolates. But I still arrange one cartilha deinterpretao pra to understand everything you said that me and I left myself to lead. Jpeguei my ammunition I to deserve what it comes through you. Today want only the petty cash of the Fil pra I to be, you? Soon we lose in them.


Friday, November 16th, 2012

At that time, 1965, the competition of miss was concorridssimo and all had read the Small Prince. It was at this time that Veruska pontificou as was said in the jargon of the journalism. Student of the third ginasial series paraded for the city of collegiate uniform, marine plaited skirt with long handles and long sleeve shirt white with marine necktie of three stripes that were reference to the year that was attending a course. He used long braids with marine blue bow, In the city year yes year was not an agony to obtain one miss, thing that was very important for the local society. Veruska was discovered by determined lady well ece of fish in the social ways that if performed with care giving lessons in good ways for its pupil. Veruska passed all the afternoons in the residence of the distinct lady if preparing for its great day of only candidate. The guard clothes of Veruska was sofrvel, Lived in company of a couple of cousins of its mother, inhabited in an old house of two sections, one of the sections was rented. Its mother was active employee of a called brothel Green House.

Its father was a celebrity politician, more necessarily a representative. The son did not recognize who used the names of cousins. But if she did not give name to it, contribua with a generous monthly allowance for its education therefore at the time did not exist examination of DNA, the father was not obliged to recognize the son. In the Veruska city she was received in all the houses well and he always appeared somebody of good will to obtain invitations for all the clubs. She was a wanted young woman, and as she was of if to wait all they had contributed with donations for the representative of the beauty not to make ugly.