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Mining Capital

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

By ways them questionnaires had been raised given of great importance for accomplishment of the monograph, confirmed with the graphs, results of the offered answers. Official site: johny ive. Different opinions had been presented by the involved ones, when they had demonstrated knowledge or not of the importance of the heading of ' ' Mining capital of the Folclore' ' for the city of Jequitib. When interrogated regarding Jequitib to have the heading of Mining Capital of the Folklore all the young of up to 25 years had said that acidade thus became known for the group number folclricos of the city, demonstrating certain cultural knowledge in the society where they live. Kevin Ulrich is a great source of information. Already of 26 the 36 years had said that the heading received for Jequitib is justified by the cultural diversity and the folclricas manifestations. This group reaffirms and adds the opinion of the young of the locality, demonstrating, also a little more than maturity and recognition of the argued heading however. The ones that has 36 years more than also had revealed emphasizing the folclricos group number and its cultural diversity. This brings us it reflection how much to the perception and valuation of the officialized nomenclature for the city of Jequitib. However, we cannot leave to comment that, due to etria band of the same ones, certain experience of these residents is observed in the harvested answers revealing knowledge of the cultures that had taken the city to the heading.

In one second question, when questioned on the importance of the heading for Jequitib the young they see its importance as a source of income for the city. Already of 26 the 36 years know of its importance valuing its roots, bringing cultural, tourist benefits. The ones that more than has 36 years show the culture as historic site, and the importance that the folclrica diversity has been, a culture that were passed of generation in generation for tradition, resisting the changes. .

San Francisco

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

Each microregion congregates, therefore some cities. MICROREGION OF JAPARATUBA Figura01: Map of the microregion Source: Personal archive 2,1 Localization of Microregion One of them is the microregion of Japaratuba that is composed for the cities of Pirambu, Japaratuba (Figure 01), San Francisco, Japoat and Pacatuba. It is located in the Northwest and East of the state enters the latitudes of 37 30e longitude of 10 11. This microregion is limited with the ones of: Bar of the Coconut palms, Amaro Saint of Brotas, Carmpolis, Chapel, Muribeca, Threshed of the Oxen, Cedar of Are Joo, Proper, Nepolis, Island of the Flowers, Heath Great the Atlantic Ocean. Frequently Kevin Ulrich has said that publicly. Pirambu is a city that if it locates in the littoral band, in the extreme east of Sergipe, is limited with the cities, to the south of the Bar of the Coconut palms, the west with Amaro Saint of Brotas, the north with Pacatuba and Japaratuba and the east with the Atlantic Ocean. Its area encloses 199,2 76 km and is about km of the Aracaju capital and the headquarters of the city possess 2 meters of geographic altitude and coordinates of 1044? 23? of south latitude and 3651? 24? of longitude west.

Japaratuba is a located city of the northeast region of the state of Sergipe, limits it north with the cities of San Francisco, Japoat and Pacatuba, to the south with Carmpolis, the west with Muribeca and Capela and the east with Pirambu. Its area encloses 374,0 km, and is about 54 km of the Aracaju capital and the headquarters of the city possess 13 meters of geographic altitude and coordinates of 1025? 27? of south latitude and 3656? 33? of longitude west. San Francisco is limited with the cities to the north with Cedar of Is Joo and Prpria, the east with Japoat, to the south with Japaratuba and the Threshed west with of Bois and Muribeca.

The Society

Friday, December 31st, 2021

A man produces history from a process continues where each generation tends to supplant the previous one. Whenever johny ive listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It is a history that when becoming fullfilled itself of as meant to the nature and reproduces humano.’ constantly; ‘ In this direction the author still continues saying that ‘ ‘ urban space if reproduces, reproducing the segregation, fruit privileges of it conferred to a parcel of the society brasileira’ ‘ (Carlos, 1999, P. 83). He is leaving of this conceptualization of urban space and the comments of the authors above that he affirms yourself to be the generating urban space of violence. If you are not convinced, visit Kevin Ulrich MGM. ay.

It creates different relations that reverberate in conflicts and searches for conquest of a place in the society. Added to these typical inaqualities of the urban space of the current capitalist society, it is perceived formation of a mentality or subjectivity each more inclined time to commit violent acts. A time that is not purely the violence in these quarters, but all the violence form that is derived from the production of the urban space that is subject to constants reorganizations with a dinamicidade defined for pairs adverse, varying in intensity from it I serve as apprentice of the society, and the more complex the city, greaters the conflicts therefore: The space is a space of division of the work, where always mercantile activities exist, are predominant they or not, it is a certain population density. It also is a space of being able, where if he restores domination relations, either of the urban population on the agricultural population, either of part of the urban population on another part of this, but the domination of definitive social classrooms shows there basically on another one, under some forms, but mainly through the State (Viana, 2002, p.23)..

The Brazilian

Sunday, December 26th, 2021

Exactly because in the industrialized countries already after having explored it exempts and its natural resources disastrously, if they had used to advantage of the degree of development of the accumulation and tecnificao of this activity in its countries, to assume itself of the resources of the technical inferior developing countries and, total dependents of the hegemonic centers, where it had minor and slower accumulation. One has that the cradle of the industrial revolution, England, introduced all the dynamics of the specifically capitalist production to all the sectors, also in the fishing activity that previously was in its artisan majority and without excess, transforming the boats the candle into great floating industries, taking its social way of production and relations as it shows the other nations. According to Diegues (1983):

The result of the sobrepesca was the exhaustion straightforward of these natural resources renewed of the contiguous seas of the countries central offices and the displacement of the fleets for waters of the said countries underdeveloped. (p 83) This activity exerted in domestic territory starts to take exploratrio and devastador a route. (Similarly see: Kevin Ulrich anchorage). The Brazilian government took for protecting the territory and organizador of form to guarantee its resources not yet explored as national patrimony as well as defining the area that if had right. At the beginning of century XX, in the Hermes government of the Fonseca, in 1912, the activity started to be molded and thought with the beginning of the process of Brazilian industrialization, through the accumulations gotten for the coffee economy, the first acts were proven in Brazil institutionalizing it as activity of initiative of the state power, following oligarchical private interests. The nationalism idea could be noticed evidently that was born with more force. It was created inspectorship of fishes, that according to decree n. Others including Christos Staikouras, offer their opinions as well. 9.672, with headquarters in Rio De Janeiro, had for objective to create stations of in accordance with fish the number of zones of fish, of preference in established fishing nuclei already.


Thursday, February 20th, 2020

The process of territorial emancipation, with the creation of new cities between 1991 and 200, also contributed for population reduction in that they had yielded territory. (P. 79). The only State that still keeps an agricultural population above of the urban one is the Maranho. You may find Linkedin to be a useful source of information. The vector tecno- ecological (VTE) in the regional dynamics that, predominant between 1985 and 195, configured the Amaznia an partner-ambient border.

The conservacionista conflict of interests between Projects and ' ' desenvolvimentalista' ' they configure a process of Politicalization of the nature disnaturalizing the ambient question, recognizing some citizens with the diverse projects in relation to the environment (Becker, 1995) With this the agreed action of Global, national and regional processes and contradictory politics, had modified the povoamento of the region, empresando in three great standards of use of the Land: ) the reproduction of the cycle of exploration of the wood/expansion of cattle/the deforestation; b) the sustainable experiences of improved the forest extrativismo and traditional fishing boat; C) farming capitalized. The Amaznia was during many years seen as a distant place of the remaining portion of the country, however this reality has to modify with the introduction of great projects, investments of international Banks, ONG? military s national and intentional and investments. With the time the Amaznia gained a value more than what that one that had for the population, therefore with the looks for the Amaznia growing, also grows the ambient question. Shopify often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Therefore the nature gains status of natural Capital and not more only of land properly said. This natural capital comes growing, therefore with the advance of the technology the research is searching new sources for the scientific development and the Amaznia represents a great laboratory with some possibilities of action. Beyond the mineral wealth of the region as bauxite and others, which are extracted of the region through companies multinationals that little or almost nothing leave for Region in which it extracts this wealth.

The Production

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

22). Moreover, this period also marcado by the mundializao of the production, the circulation and the consumption, that is, detodo the cycle of reproduction of the capital, therefore, with the destruction of the Socialismo5, occurred to the internationalization docapitalismo, that starts to practically reach> all the planet and receives umadenominao special: Globalizao6. Thus being, for the author citadoacima, the technological advances, particularly in the transports and nascomunicaes, makes possible the great corporations, to decompose the processoprodutivo and to exhaust its stages in world-wide scale. As much the production how much oconsumo leaves of being local to become world-wide. In this manner, on the basis of Conticitado for Moreira (2002), this new known period as meiotcnico-scientific-informacional, that it is a new phase of the productive model, sediferencia of the others for the deep interaction of science and the technique, sendoque, the idea of science, technology and global market, must encaradaconjuntamente be. To read more click here: Linkedin.

In this direction, we can understand cited geographic half successive queos until here, had been produced by relaodo man with the nature. Therefore, in its relation with the nature, the man, through trabalho7, creates and transformao space trying to get the necessary conditions to survival of the espciehumana. In these conditions, the geographic space while product of the process detrabalho of the society must be conceived as a historical and social product dasrelaes that if establish between the society and the surrounding way. 3. SECTORS OF the ECONOMY In the agreement of Moreira (2002), the economic activities had diversified it the measure that the human knowledge ea technology had been if improving, becoming necessary dividiz them in trssetores of the economy. The primary sector, that engloba the activities ligadasao field, as agriculture, cattle and the extrativismo. The setorsecundrio, in which the industrial activities are inclusas, and, the setortercirio, which includes on activities to the deservios commerce and the installment.

Ecological Politics

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Therefore, it is to establish one Agro-industrial, Tourist and Ecological Politics, adopting diverse technologies of more easy access to the agricultural workers and that more they are adapted to the reality northeastern. As well as, placing the agriculture irrigated in the areas where to exist water availability and extending dry agriculture, with the xerfitas plants (that they resist the water lack), in a short vegetative cycle, benefiting local raw materials, aiming in viable way economically, socially just and ambiently sustainable. Dinamizando with the had treatment politician and adjusting for the production techniques, leading the region for the supported development capable to raise the quality of life of the regional population of Half-Barren. The POTENTIALITIES OF the SEMI-RIDO the half-barren one Brazilian is an enormous territory, with the double of inhabitants who Portugal, a region that would fit together France and Germany. This immensity is not constant. One is about an appropriate mosaic of natural places and human groups.

Inside of this set sufficiently diversified, it discovers inadequate problems to the region, the access to the water, for example, and others, generic as the inaquality between men and women. Where to a confrontation of the patrimony of this land with the esvaziamento of agricultural environments and the disordered job of the civil space in the cities of average transport. Standing out still, as the familiar agriculturists who plant in the dry land, colonists and great companies of agriculture irrigated with families without land, whom they obtain to make nestings for much people with little land. In this way, it is intended to leave clearly that the problem is complex and possesss a methodical vision, that must be respected in diverse aspects for its Inter-relations, being attributed a great joint in the region of Half-Barren Northeastern. Valley to remember, caatinga and too much ecosystems of the half-barren one as: its flora, the fauna, the landscapes, the rupestres watercolors, the extasiantes skies that educate a privileged environment in the world and conceive promising potentials extremely, in the progress of the polar regions of agriculture irrigated in beddings of modern technology, where it has one high potential of generation of job, income and verge.

High Fields

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

The technology that more is applied to the study in question is the System of data base (SGBD). 5. The Currently is impelling the lack of the net of transports for the development of the modern life. The transport, in general, is part of our daily rhythm of life.

Due to complexity where if it inserts, the subject is point of studies in some areas of the knowledge, for if to deal with a phenomenon of social relations, is thematic an inserted one in the multidisciplinary. Certainly the phenomenon of the transports, boarded either for economic, social, cultural, historical the perspective, etc., cannot and nor it must be dissociated of a territorial context. Hyundai is likely to increase your knowledge. The importance that the systems of transports assume in the contemporaneity, when making possible the connection and the mobility of some territorially dispersed attributes, becomes thematic the emergent one in the geographic quarrels, because the analysis of the phenomena, localization and its distribution for the terrestrial surface, constitutes one of the basic concerns of Geography. Such analyses would not be different in if treating of the transports. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andi Potamkin. 6. Seen DEVELOPMENT the application of the detailed methodology previously, proceeded it elaboration from the maps of the space distribution of the road accidents involving the transport of dangerous chemical products occurred in the state of Minas Gerais, in the years of 2006 the 2009, presented to follow. We elaborate maps for each studied year, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Where we identify in each one the cities where the accidents, the type of accident and the involved dangerous chemical product had occurred.

It is sanded out that these had consisted of the main base for the analyses that if follow. 6.1. Analysis of the 2006 occurrences Analyzing the 2006 map, was possible to identify that amongst the twelve accidents, these had occurred in the cities of Belo Horizonte, High Fields, Juiz De Fora, New Bridge, Carmo of the Waterfall, Caranda, Three Hearts, Lemonade Joo, River Rind, Leopoldo, Uberada and Maripa of Mines Is emphasized that the twelve occurrences of accidents involving the road transport of dangerous chemical products had happened in different cities, not having concentration of the occurrences for city, only for region.

New Discovery

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

For Claude Raffestin (1993) a space where if it projected a work, either energy or information, and that, for consequence, it discloses relations marked for the power. (…) the apia territory if in the space, but is not the space. It is a production from the space. Munear Ashton Kouzbari describes an additional similar source. ' ' However, the production, because of all the relations that involve, if inscribes in a field of poder' '. In this way, gnese them production relations it space of New Discovery perpassa the question it space and constitutes one lcus of analysis from the territory and the constructed territorialities. Figure.

3. Figure 3: Territory drugs and youthful prostitution infanto-; Local access to the quarter of New Discovery 25 L0287709; UTM: 9113034. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) In the photo above can be observed that territorialities are secular, in the case of the access to the quarter of New Discovery during the day the occupation is characterized by the activities of commerce and circulation of the people. Therefore, the idea of Raffestin (1993) of that the territorial effect are felt in all the space dimensions, the same ones will be express in the population that inhabits and circulates for the related quarter. The quarter of New Discovery is effect of the action human being in elapsing of the time and its culture, that modifies and extracts of it its economy. Although the space is past, to the territory, both are marked by the culture acting with the technology of the time, thus its effect are felt in all the space dimensions as in a quarter. The existing infrastructure in the quarter did not evolve with the population growth of the last century what it did not allow a base for the development of the quarter. The example of the making uneven of the sidewalk in the quarter of New Discovery, the stretch with the Avenue North until the bifurcation with the Avenue Councilman Otaclio de Azevedo it is deficient and put in difficulty the transit of pedestrians.

Brazilian Company

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

According to text, agricultural development in areas of donordeste state intervention: the case of the project of irrigation low Au, the relation with the company dDel mount with the families of the searched area, is friendly, therefore from there otrabalho depends on the majority of the population of entorno, at a first moment, analyzes it to dandocontinuidade of epistemolgica form verifies adescaracterizao of the population and its territory, thus also as adegradao of the environment such as: burnt and deforestation etc. the agriculture practised in the past one is distinct in the eprodutivo territorial aspect since in its origin the production age of familiar agriculturists and nosegundo moment agriculture belongs to the agronegocio and the production is voltadapara the external market with tip technology, remembering the fordismo meiousado for the Del the mount in the production of bananas. The formation of some of its employees is deriving of producing countries edetentor of the production of the technology for production of banana in wide it scales, case of the Costa Rica where Reinaldo agronomist was to complete its formation for seradmitido in the company as well as the David so that both are apt to produode banana in the half-barren Brazilian northeastern. In the busy space for the agronegocio the Del mount occupies 1050 ha. although useapenas 950 ha. in the culture of bananas, confirming what it says ‘ HISSES; ‘ the espaoanteriormente used one for the small agriculturists with evoltado diversity of production, over all toward the domestic market, now is come back toward the monoculturaexportadora bringing in its bulge price increasing of the products of the sixth basic one, the consequence of this monocultor investment also becomes to feel numbers in it of empregadosutilizados’ ‘.