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Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Integrated in the etnocentrista thought and since then, reproduced inside of the behavior and inside of the system of meanings as, author esteretipos according to racial, gifts until the present time. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pinterest. Indicating as soon as, good part of the institutions that compose the social structure, has in its description, stigmata and concepts that permeiam for the settling project, where the other must be integrated, when colonized, when educated, europeizado. Integrated clearly, to the values and meanings of its colonizador. The colonized territory represents in the same way, under the point of view of Moraes, ' ' internalizao of the external agent, who starts to act as element of internal estruturao of that one localidade.' ' (MORAES, 2008, P. 63).

the expansion of this territory if of the one before everything under the context of the centralidade, the geopolitical analysis; this centralidade or euro centralidade if assumes soon in the set of the myths that if it had been taxes since the colonial process; where the myth of the colonizadores overlaps the myth of autctones. Of certain it is that the result of this internalizao of the external agent if shows very clearly in the process of the territorializao, concomitant to the reduction of possibilities of the dialtico agreement of this space. The difficulty that finds the gegrafo in dealing with the process of Brazilian urbanization, if locates accurately in the process of historical formation, pautado in its space as to one ' ' mito' '. Under this aspect the agreement of the espacialidade still is atrelado to the condition of Brazil of green bushes, where if planting, everything of. The statements of Pero Vaz de Caminha translate the deficiency visual the one that was submitted our geographic agreement, until modern gegrafos emerged of the curtains installed for the dominant elites since the settling process, to desconstruir what it are printed matter in the process of geographic agreement and its application.

Globalization And Capitalization

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Hykaro de Sousa Brgido Landmarks Allan Gonalves de Araujo the present work will intend to approach the processes unchained, for the wave that reaches the world, the globalization, focando the studies in the provoked changes, in the provincial regions northeasterns, having as example the region of cariri, or to be more necessary the triangle to crajubar. They will be debated and rank in you analyze some of its dynamic as well as processes that say respect the opening of ways so that they happen, with this will focaremos a boarding on the displacement of the great industries for the localities in the interior and the main reasons who explain such displacement, also analyzing aspects of ambient degradation. With some you analyze done in bibliographical research of authors as, Saints, Ianne and Bauman as well as field comments, it are done an inquiry on implantations and sedimentations of industries in the Cariri as the Grendene, extending a critical vision that comes to make possible plus a vein of agreements debates of the configurations that understand the space of the interior northeastern, thus organizing, an understanding of the existing arcabouos in already, badly implemented globalization, that appears in this space with its macrostructures agricultveis multinationals, marks in modern and global molds come back the exportation and among others situations; all this process is orquestrado by facilitations of the structures politics. It little has more than sixty years the world if it found made use to develop a new form to interact in global direction, fact that obtains, but this process only says respect to some aspects of the life human being, as the consumista union and industrial dinamicidade between continent. For it brings of the globalidade, it exists a series of processes that make to exist these characterizations and amongst them Milton Saints comes to elencar ' ' unicity technique the convergence of the moments, the deceased only, the violence of the money and informao' ' amongst others; they are processes that had come having an enormous one perfectioning during the period postwar period and everything in favor of the capitalism. .