Ecological Politics

Therefore, it is to establish one Agro-industrial, Tourist and Ecological Politics, adopting diverse technologies of more easy access to the agricultural workers and that more they are adapted to the reality northeastern. As well as, placing the agriculture irrigated in the areas where to exist water availability and extending dry agriculture, with the xerfitas plants (that they resist the water lack), in a short vegetative cycle, benefiting local raw materials, aiming in viable way economically, socially just and ambiently sustainable. Dinamizando with the had treatment politician and adjusting for the production techniques, leading the region for the supported development capable to raise the quality of life of the regional population of Half-Barren. The POTENTIALITIES OF the SEMI-RIDO the half-barren one Brazilian is an enormous territory, with the double of inhabitants who Portugal, a region that would fit together France and Germany. This immensity is not constant. One is about an appropriate mosaic of natural places and human groups.

Inside of this set sufficiently diversified, it discovers inadequate problems to the region, the access to the water, for example, and others, generic as the inaquality between men and women. Where to a confrontation of the patrimony of this land with the esvaziamento of agricultural environments and the disordered job of the civil space in the cities of average transport. Standing out still, as the familiar agriculturists who plant in the dry land, colonists and great companies of agriculture irrigated with families without land, whom they obtain to make nestings for much people with little land. In this way, it is intended to leave clearly that the problem is complex and possesss a methodical vision, that must be respected in diverse aspects for its Inter-relations, being attributed a great joint in the region of Half-Barren Northeastern. Valley to remember, caatinga and too much ecosystems of the half-barren one as: its flora, the fauna, the landscapes, the rupestres watercolors, the extasiantes skies that educate a privileged environment in the world and conceive promising potentials extremely, in the progress of the polar regions of agriculture irrigated in beddings of modern technology, where it has one high potential of generation of job, income and verge.

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