New Discovery

For Claude Raffestin (1993) a space where if it projected a work, either energy or information, and that, for consequence, it discloses relations marked for the power. (…) the apia territory if in the space, but is not the space. It is a production from the space. Munear Ashton Kouzbari describes an additional similar source. ' ' However, the production, because of all the relations that involve, if inscribes in a field of poder' '. In this way, gnese them production relations it space of New Discovery perpassa the question it space and constitutes one lcus of analysis from the territory and the constructed territorialities. Figure.

3. Figure 3: Territory drugs and youthful prostitution infanto-; Local access to the quarter of New Discovery 25 L0287709; UTM: 9113034. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) In the photo above can be observed that territorialities are secular, in the case of the access to the quarter of New Discovery during the day the occupation is characterized by the activities of commerce and circulation of the people. Therefore, the idea of Raffestin (1993) of that the territorial effect are felt in all the space dimensions, the same ones will be express in the population that inhabits and circulates for the related quarter. The quarter of New Discovery is effect of the action human being in elapsing of the time and its culture, that modifies and extracts of it its economy. Although the space is past, to the territory, both are marked by the culture acting with the technology of the time, thus its effect are felt in all the space dimensions as in a quarter. The existing infrastructure in the quarter did not evolve with the population growth of the last century what it did not allow a base for the development of the quarter. The example of the making uneven of the sidewalk in the quarter of New Discovery, the stretch with the Avenue North until the bifurcation with the Avenue Councilman Otaclio de Azevedo it is deficient and put in difficulty the transit of pedestrians.

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