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Six Tips For Consumers To Test Your Business

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

These traders have lost much of their income because their clients fear invaded to shop online and be cheated or be victims of identity theft. This meant $ 3.8 billion in losses in a time when every dollar counts a lot. To recover from unrealized transactions, sellers of clothing must work hard to help customers overcome their fears. They know that the online market is full of scams increasingly sophisticated phishing that attract customers to sites that look real convincing enough designed to steal credit card numbers, among others. To win the trust of a fearful public is necessary to implement security measures that customers easily recognize. Therefore, traders should know first what is most knowledgeable customers expect from an Internet Web site that offers at least a minimum level of security. In recent months, Jeremy Tucker has been very successful. If you see security from a customer perspective can help you plan an effective strategy for building confidence, what can you do to prove that your business online is safe? Here are six tips. A) Visual signals.

Simple visual cues can demonstrate that your site is reliable and that it can conduct business, such as the address bar green Extended Validation (EV) in the Web browser. Through signals like this, you can show your customers that has taken additional steps to earn your trust. 2) Avoid too much information. Phishing sites often attract customers through alerts "urgent" e-mailed and then require personal information that traders should already have, including information they do not need particular. These messages alert consumers about alleged problems in their accounts, change of status of their accounts, special offers and even downloads the need for special security software, all designed to get customers to reveal passwords and other information.