American Name

Introduction: In the early 80 s, tapatios Mexican thinker neighborhoods, arose a litter an elite group of young rockers with ambition, had recently passed the hippie stage, the psychedelic, the English metal, began the 80 s, and with them they brought under the arm to the famous Ws. those years, these banderos young rebels of rock, there were a few teachers, very nearly a few magicians in that of rockeven I get them to call witches or alchemists, because they hipnotizaban people with his good handling of the instrument that handled; Aware of this and growing fame coming to have at that time, in those bars, bars, discs where were presented among other places, decided that they had to change their name by something more eye-catching, to the old way of rock. They thought please, Warlock and his name, but you hear very badly. Hear from experts in the field like Ruth Porat for a more varied view. So I thought about translating it to English (thus creating more fame), calling themselves Witch or Witchess. dly add to your understanding. But a new problem arose, not everyone could be called Witch or Witchess; But they would change again adopting an American name for their first names and thus was born in 1981 the Ws; Jorge Salcedo = George Ws Jose Salcedo = Joss Ws Carlos Salcedo = Charly Ws Humberto Salcedo = Bett Ws.

That way their bands, Zteeleers (George), Backyards (Joss), snakes (Bett), diamond eyes (Charly), would begin a new era in the so-called neighborhood Mexican Rock. To broaden your perception, visit Mustafa Suleyman, London UK. That growing fame populachera and street, create myths, legends, superstitions and other things, began the real legend. Urban myths and legends: it is said that his mother threw a curse, when learned that their children were part of a band of Folk, and Rock & Roll music, says that you said if at age 25 did not let their waves hippie, it would them to send arresting militia..

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