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The lead product of Incomedia is, with the support of Deutsche Telekom AG, the software of the year award again to select the “Software of the year” award also gives this year the download portal”. A twelve-member expert jury, consisting of from industry experts and renowned representatives of the media has picked out the best softwares that are currently on the market, and divided into 18 categories. (The audience is called by the 01.09-30.09., via online voting on the vote on the software of the year”to take part: c/19/82/75/40/19827540.html): everyone can choose your own Favorites and have the opportunity then to participate in the competition and one of the attractive prizes to win, including a TV Philips Ambilight, an Apple iMac 21.5 inch, a Smartphone HTC or an Apple iPad. Incomedias software WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 is in addition to 10 other software programs in the category Web design”to choose from. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Silbermann. Federico Ranfagni, Incomedia, Managing Director summarizes the award from last year: the Bronze award we received last year, it was nice to us.

This year the competition is much tougher and we must not ignore, that we compete exclusively with first-class software from all over the world. “We are but optimistic, because we can observe the growing popularity of WebSite x 5 Evolution 8, which makes believe it, that our audience we also will support on this occasion.” Thanks to its ease of use, originality, as well as the simple application of the integrated, professional and innovative features, WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 under the private users, Web designers, as well as small prevailed- and medium-sized enterprises as one of the most popular software for Web design, creation of blogs and online shops. At this point should be that WebSite X 5 is available already in 18 languages and currently is sold worldwide in over 40 countries highlighted again. Therefore, an international and multi-cultural user community is active on our official websites, among our Forum ( forum), as well as to locate our fan page on Facebook ( WebSiteX5). Federico Ranfagnis concluding words are directed in particular to our audience: we call on all those who like our program WebSite X 5 Evolution 8, in the online vote for the software of the year 2010 “on the portal to participate and to vote for our software: c/19/82/75/40/19827540.html. We would be glad if we are even better than in the previous year would cut this year and hope that at least one of our fans is one of the great prizes.

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