Beautiful Views Of The Lifestyle Fair 01 / 2013

Alix country house at the Hamburg lifestyle fair: the economic situation in the retail sector attracts again and the trends for the summer decoration are reason are the many interested and this time also ordering retailers, designers and decorators, who visited the Northern lifestyle fair hope. We were under the impression less customers there were and also not really shopped those who were there, but only looked at the last trade fair dates. This time it was quite different, there were collected not only suggestions for setting up and decorating, but also ordered. Popular manufacturers, especially the Scandinavians such as Greengate, cute, customers Interior, Broste Copenhagen and Affari snake and part itself, so great the desire for new product was served the small order computer. Especially Affari AB from Sweden, who were already the fourth time on the show, seemed this year only to be discovered.

Many buyers and designers attracted their gorgeous scented candles, enchanting decoration and beautiful interior design ideas, including again us, so that you can soon see Affari’s new products at and buy. But also the Dutch as Braxton, LifeStyle or Hazenkamp were represented with beautiful decoration and furniture. This, as well as IB Laursen, gave views on the establishment of a house in the summer by the sea on Long Island or Sylt, that you can discover also contribute to Alix’ country house. A clear trend of this fair were accompanied by one or two smaller siblings in high dimension lanterns and this, “-lanterns, with the largest lantern love extends to the waist.” The second trend are bird cages, looks to offer of the manufacturer, without such a person does not have the 2013 summer comes it, that the bird cages with flowers or Ivy is berankt planting tray serves as, or decorated just as centerpiece on the table. Also, the theme of iron”is back in the summer of 2013. This time but rather exercise in retro-style country house with lanterns to hang, wall – or stand lanterns, Flower tables or as a seed ball on a push rod. At the fashion accessories like jewelry and scarves, clearly a colorful little breeze blew through the vast halls, chains, leather bracelets and earrings presented so colored and cheerful.

Where colour either pastel tones, especially when the wrap bracelet leather, or bright colors in orange, emerald green or pink with cheerful bracelets dominate. These color pallets are reflected also in the colorful patterned fabrics, so that they complement each other wonderfully with the jewelry. Definitely had the buyer on this exhibition lust and joy of the beautiful things that have been shown and also the folder, either because of reluctance in recent years, the bearings of the shops are now cleared or the mood is so optimistic. Perhaps the feeling prevails instinctively that if outside, everything is uncertain and rather scary, you want to make nice and cozy home. And the necessary accessories for this you could as visitors galore see on this show and pick the most beautiful for its own business, just like we did for Alix’ country house. Can the result, in the coming weeks in our online-shop at shop / discover. Alix of Arnim Kadakia contact: Alix’ cottage country living medium 22 20148 Hamburg 01778524599 MeinLandhaus

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