Buenos Aires

I have little time to write this, but didn’t want to leave without say everything I feel in this small virtual space that offers me the Internet. I’m wideeyed by everything that has happened in Buenos Aires. Buenos aires have actually been very who’ve come to take here. Who would have thought that here he would find a way my profession to develop to the fullest doing what I like? I’m a musician since long time; almost since my childhood. However, by the indecision of my youth and the little strength to defend what I wanted at that time, studied, against my will, a college career.

Clear that he approached much tastes had; so I did a myriad of vocational test that helped me make up my mind. I never let my dream, because I was always glued to the music, trying to learn to play a new instrument always. Well, my visit to Argentina was just for the work that I have. I took my guitar and, fortunately, while she looked for apartments buenos aires recoleta, a producer at that time she didn’t was producer – he saw me walking and thought it could help him in a trial that was about to be frustrated by the absence of one of his musicians, just missed the guitarist. The emotion that I filled is can already imagine. I immediately told him that Yes you could help, but that first she had to find accommodation in one of the apartments recoleta to leave my suitcase there. Obviously, I did it with great haste and went to be tested in the study.

I really liked my performance and I got accepted in the recording of the album. It is a group which is soon to launch for everything high, therefore, were at the stage of record the best race boot disk to get everything started as best as possible. Now I have a new job and it is something I like a lot. I’m going up!

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