Christmas Warehouses

It chooses a good wine and it surprises your guests these Christmases Warehouses PROTOS gives the keys you so that you know how to choose a good wine giving him a special touch to each one of the plates approaches Christmas, familiar meals, with friendly Is moment for enjoying those special and made prescriptions of Christmas and what better than to accompany them with a good wine Shore by Duero PROTOS. In order to know which is the rightest wine to accompany these dinners it is important to consider the type of food whereupon it is combined, the temperature in which one uses and the glass that is used for its benefit. These three elements must be taken care of to savor a good red wine, pink or white in their better disposition. Warehouses PROTOS have including in their Web information on these three aspects related to each type of wine. An expert in your election accedes to for hacerte these Christmases. Protos centennial Warehouse, leader of the O.J.

Shore of the Duero, is located to the vanguard of grape growing in our country. Its new warehouse, designed by the prestigious British architect Richard Associated Rogers- Alonso Balaguer and Arquitectos, enoturismo is becoming cultural symbol of the zone and Protos in epicenter of the well-known experience like . Protos faces the future maintaining the exceptional quality of its wines, in which it continues mixing the tradition and the vanguard to continue being First. Protos warehouses are a mark reference leader since it commercializes as much with great success in the national territory as in more than 80 countries. Source: Note of Press sent by prsending.

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