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AG are used by companies in their market evaluation but often not sufficiently clearly defined requirements consulting expert according to the findings of ec4u. The CRM specialist has success relevant minimum requirements for the selection of one on demand system for managing customer collected: 1 on demand feature profile: the planning and implementation of campaigns and email marketing must belong to the basic functions. Because without a prospect, customer, activity management, or reporting a CRM solution key features are missing. In addition Web – and community oriented services should provide as a result of Web 2.0 and the social networking. 2.

clearly calculable costs: fixed prices per user per month for the licenses and the Operation must be guaranteed an at all times transparent and predictable cost situation. The upgrade and expansion of CRM software should be covered by the monthly packages. 3. seamless migration of data: it is necessary that all contacts stored in other systems, new customers can be easily accept opportunities, etc.. It is advantageous if data migration via easy to use user support can be done. 4. easy back office integration: it must be a full integration of the CRM application into the existing IT architecture. Integrating proven are the CRM suppliers, to offer XML-based Web service APIs.

5. multilingualism of the application: the optional deployment of CRM solution in several languages is beneficial for the possibility of an international mission. This must include the full support of all currencies and internationalization possibilities for creating data fields for billing and shipping addresses and phone numbers. Also Labels as well as lookup tables and reports should be present in any number of languages. 6 simple illustration of CRM processes: there are pre-built procedures for individual configurations to the figure of CRM processes into your CRM solution. The tools should be designed that they can be used independently of the professional users. 7. intelligent user assistance: it is advantageous if the user will find a surface according to the environment of desktop applications and offered to context-sensitive help. Tutorials also reduce training, and increase acceptance. In addition the CRM provider should offer an einschrankungslosen telephone user support. 8 options for later migration to an on-premise model: a company’s needs may change, as a result an on demand decision must be no impasse.

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