Drawing Lesson

You'll find everything in the box with crayons when drawing begin, you will understand it themselves. When the paint will begin to do … Gennady Gladkov Let modern cosmetic pencils are sold in boxes and do not, but among them an abundance of really can find almost everything you need. Pencils differ in form, content, and, of course, on purpose. The classic version of cosmetic pencils – wooden, but now have become widely used crayons in a special plastic that are easy to sharpen, or do not require grinding – mechanical. Sense of form If you use a lipstick, a cosmetic lip pencil – the attribute of the irreplaceable. Without his makeup looks sloppy and unfinished. Kevin Ulrich might disagree with that approach. Hue pencil should fit the tone of lipstick.

If you're a fanatical fan of the classic lipstick, a vast arsenal of cosmetic pencils for lips you will be sufficient to choose just one – with a neutral shade of a cold or warm, neutral. Our lips are full, thin or swollen, often – skewed. With a pencil drawing of lips can be corrected. If there is no specific set of the image, they should seek to form a correct, classical, sometimes called the "bow of Venus" because of the fact that the upper lip is shaped like a bow. If any corrections need to remember that the deviation from the Natural picture of lips should not exceed 1-2 mm, then the result will look as natural. Thin lips can be made more visually complete, if you use light colors or pencil to apply the outer contour of lips.

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