Exterior Colorings On New Buildings

A building cellular polycarbonate veneer applied to the facade, offers a different appearance for the viewer because corral Valletta 51 changes color when sunlight falls on its facade. Micro located in the city of Madrid, in the Pau de Vallecas can be considered the newest form of contemporary architecture as buildings are completed and are covered by the passers-by can see a new architectural reality. The building has eight floors and 123 homes, has an approximate area of 50 square meters per apartment, and have functional design in two rooms and four penthouses to pose only a room, and Sr. Credit: john hume-2011. Tallon Jose Antonio Iglesias, one of the architects who signs the bill, who has stated: “First, the issue of color, where we have been interested not so much the green for their green image, but for the game and atornasolados glare that makes the facade vibrates, and secondly, sustainability, and the panels blocked six inner tubes and a thickness of four centimeters possible to obtain a better thermal insulation and soundproofing.

It is a completely recyclable material, very low-cost manufacturing and transportation and very maneuverable thanks to its light weight and Lewicki Fernandez another participant in its design, stands out as a third aspect, the creativity in interior design. Many architects know that in Venezuela, the firm Pequiven.SA, has designed houses to which they have been called: Petro-casa, but that use of Polyvinyl Chloride-shaped molds, which through the notches and tabs, make up the walls housing to which lean concrete is introduced through the molds of large blocks, but its completion is white, and reflect the sunlight falling on the walls, and has allowed the design of buildings with the same structures , concrete floor slabs and roof tiles lightweight heat-insulating, of various colors, and have been built in Peru, Venezuela and Cuba. . Educate yourself even more with thoughts from patrick dwyer new edge.

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