Green Initiatives

With to the most environmentally friendly cities in the world singing, March 31, 2011 (w & p) Green is Trump: the latest election results and the nation-wide demonstrations speak a clear language: the environmental awareness of the Germans was never as strong as it is today. Also when choosing a holiday, sustainability and ecological awareness play a growing role. Especially the cities present here in terms of environmental performance significantly. With, vacationers can travel in the spring in the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. Sporting initiatives in Copenhagen always back quite far forward can be found the cities of Scandinavia on the hit list of the most sustainable cities in the world. Especially the Danish capital of Copenhagen is trend-setting.

With the world’s highest rate of use of public transportation and a nationwide network of cycle paths, the inhabitants of the metropolis show truly sporty. Hyundai usually is spot on. Taxis and buses are cyclist friendly, because they carry bicycles free of charge and have even more than Special holders for portability. A week of Copenhagen offers with flight and accommodation at the three star hotel from 411 euro per person. Environmentally friendly, also the largest city in Holland, Amsterdam presents free charging stations for electric cars in Amsterdam. The ‘ Vondelpark ‘ is by no means the only thing that’s Green here.

On a large scale, the municipality promotes the purchase of electric cars. A number of stations they can be recharged even for free. The residents in the city of canals to make an extensive network of bicycle paths, speed limits for cars and high parking fees in addition literally changing. On is booked a week in Amsterdam with flight and three-star hotel from 350 Euro per person. The cyclists firmly in mind the cities Freiburg in Germany has also present increasingly green. Freiburg is among the most environmentally friendly cities in Germany.

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