Manage Your Time

One factor that people applied continuously was to be enterprising and decisive in using your time. According to the Pareto rule, 80% of our results are obtained with 20% of our time dedicated to it. And it is likely that in many cases, 90% of results achieved with 20% of the time taken for it. That means that if we work 10 hours a day to get something, in reality, only two hours of those 10 hours are truly productive, the rest of the time on tasks that will bring little added value to the achievement of our results. Arises in assembling your own internet business from your idea and bringing it out in 21 days using the concepts of proper time management. For more information see this site: Wells Fargo.

In factories, one of the continuing struggles of production manager is to make low value added activities decreased in relation to those that do add value. That’s where the difference between significant results from the competition. Here is an example in real life, is not it true that almost always wore the same clothes for 80% of the time with 20% of items we have in the closet? Now that we know what it represents in our business, failure to manage properly the time, it is time to enforce action. It should test what are the activities that bring better results. For a time, works by introducing a change, considering what brings differences and then add another change. One by one in order to identify which is the factor that determined the change in the results. For the calculation of factors affecting the results, the Taguchi method provides the speed in getting results. Although in our daily activities do not need to apply mathematical terms.

Surely our experience we know what are the priority tasks and those that are less so. Write a list of tasks for the day ordered by priorities can be very helpful to not deviate from our goal. It may seem easier to keep the plan, but in day to day is hard not to get carried away by distractions. For example, a call from someone who keeps us half hour on the phone two minutes knowing that it would have been sufficient to handle the issue. Planning your activities described earlier in the day, which in principle could seem to lose five minutes, now will become a priority for you. Perhaps, those five minutes that 80% depends on your time is productive, thus quadrupling and you’ve gained on results at the same time.

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