Merrill Lynch

Escrow account is designed for investors who want to make a reliable investment and not going to use the funds for several months. The current is more suitable for those who want to do short-term speculation in the market of precious metals. Gold and silver have more predictable pricing dynamics: due to the significant volume of trade and high demand and supply prices for these metals are more predictable compared with platinum and palladium, which have individual characteristics. Gain insight and clarity with johny ive. Metals the platinum group are more suitable for investors who are ready to spend quite an aggressive policy, including speculation. Savings in vat – not the only advantage of the metal accounts. Taxation of income by metal accounts are very attractive to investors. The Tax Code imposes obligations on all the calculation and transfer of tax revenues to the investor: he must prepare and file a tax return if gold transactions were profitable. Tax on income of 13% to be paid only interest on the metal accounts – at the time of their accrual, and increase the market value of gold in the account are not taxed. Investments in gold would be more profitable and safer than the stock market, where in the first half of 2009 against the backdrop of state economies across the world can start the rally, which, however, may end by mid-year. By forecast Merrill Lynch, the cost of an ounce soon break through the historical record in 1030 dollars, recorded in March 2008, and by June of this year will reach 1,150 U.S.

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