National Socialist

Subsequently, the National Socialist and Fascist regimes sought to integrate mixed economies dominated and controlled by the state, but allowing private property. Under that law, it gives the state a monopoly of all profit-making activities with respect to oil and its derivatives. The interpretation of speeches made by Congress, leaves no room for doubt. Any profit-making activity could be undertaken in Venezuela since that time, should be undertaken by the State, not by the Nation in all its forms, but the State. This monopoly, unparalleled in Venezuela, does not allow any private carry out any oil activity inside Venezuelan territory. Of course, to pass any national border, which is not allowed in the country, depending on other laws that generally allow the local petroleum industry.

It then creates the discussion of the interpretation of the Act, since its original spirit, is a very serious discrimination for Venezuelans and residents of the country who can not benefit from the comparative advantage of the abundance of oil resources, while foreign in their respective countries do not Restrictions of this type .. The fact that within the business plan established Petroleos de Venezuela, are opening several schemes to achieve the integration of national productive apparatus to the oil business, it also seeks to encourage private sector activity. Outsourcing is the domestic private sector participation in non-core areas of the industry. In the case of Petroleos de Venezuela, this concept refers to activities or services that are made by the industry, but may be supplemented by a third party (contractor, company) who can do within the highest standards of efficiency, resulting a value creation for both the third and for the national oil industry.

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