Natural Parenting As A Way Of Life

When we talk about natural parenting, we refer to the way in which parents live together, parent and / or mother and children. Is the proposal and decided to relate when cry instincts and those of our children. It happens that this relationship starts to build from the womb, when they got pregnant and started communication with the baby, and begin to tell you how important it is for us, the wonder of his presence. /a>). This child becomes aware, through his early life experiences, that the world is a safe place, which may investigate and learn from the safety of the protective arms of their parents. To perform this form of parent-child relationship, the natural breeding, we have some “tools”, they all derive from the belief that education is to support the growth processes and requirements respecting the rhythm of each person involved :

Labor respected, ie, in a conducive environment for the mother to relax and can give birth to her baby, which promotes immediate contact mother with her newborn, this will generate a close relationship from the start. Breastfeeding, those moments of physical and emotional contact with your son or daughter, irreplaceable and full of signals such as smiling, gaze, the touch … For assistance, try visiting Santie Botha. demand Breastfeeding and weaning until the child are ready to take that way, without forcing and respecting the rate of growth, this is one of the premises of Natural Farming, you know that the natural weaning age of a human baby is estimated between 2 and a half and six years? Thus, six years! (And not six or four months to promote it sadly marks breast-milk substitutes) implement the milk does not work!

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