Russian Federation

This is especially true when ordering clothing, footwear, perfumes. After all, polka try on a particular commodity or smell, we can say with accuracy, suitable or not. But there are certain groups of goods, which were originally suited for on-line trading books, CDs, software, office equipment. The consumer is not immune to the fact that he will fall low-quality product. Do not forget that the law "On protection of consumer rights' advocates, including interest and on-line-buyers. Article 21 of the Act punkt1 reads: "In the case of consumer goods and the production of defects the requirements for replacing seller (manufacturer, an authorized organization representative or an individual entrepreneur, importer) is required to replace such goods within seven days from the date of filing such consumer demands, and if necessary additional quality control of such goods by the seller (manufacturer, …) – within twenty days from the date of filing such claim. " The rights of Internet users stipulated in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.09.2007 612 "On approval of the sale of goods remote way." A study conducted by the service 'Voice Runet' in 2008, shows that 96% of respondents-users Internet at least once in their lifetime purchase goods or services over the Internet, so Internet commerce is becoming a mass phenomenon. Many buyers pushes prepaid orders, as well as numerous e-payments, which are difficult to process your order.

Experts believe that the risk of losing money when making a purchase via the Internet is no higher than if you pay in the supermarket, coffee shop or beauty salon. Outside Internet people use a plastic card much more often, without thinking that the risk of losing money in it anymore. You just need to exercise caution and be careful when dealing with the entry of money into the account, not report unauthorized passwords, codes and personal information. So what's in the first place should be guided by ordering through the Internet? The ordering process should occur through the site to be quite simple and clear end in getting the order number on which the buyer can further clarify the status of your order. The website online store have to be contact information, preferably several species, such as telephone, e-mail, ICQ. Before placing an order you can contact the store for details. In addition, should contain details of the company conducting the trade, such as physical and legal adrs, accounts. It is best to use the services of large, trusted online stores. Among friends and acquaintances in various forums and blogs, you can learn a lot Information about the shop, which you are interested in and decide whether to trust him.

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