So Paulo

Of this form, diverse questions had been placed in quarrel and many sugestesforam presented for the team. We perceive that, although the people still if to feel a little inhibited, them had contributed sufficiently and if they had involved truily in the brainstorming. She was placed by the coordination of the group that, all proposal to be argued, all subject to be worked, at last, everything what it involved this project, would be placed in guideline after all of the group only to think. We understand that any initiative of this nature, has that to have as base the transparency and the democracy. It does not have as to burlar the right of the people to think if they want or not to argue on definitive subject, exactly because, in case that this happens, the group would be predestinold to the failure. We also notice that, to the measure that the meetings happened, the people if involved more with the dicutidos subjects, and that, of some form, this exchange of experiences, the readings, the orientaes of the coordination of the group, at last, all this integration was highly positive and estimuladora. Today, we have the full certainty of that the team of the library developed greater capacity stops conflict resolution, reached maturity and exercised the proper initiative and the courage to place more, of if communicating better, security to locate and the participation currently of all team is sufficiently expressive.

Today the servers think, give suggestions, if they feel party to suit. It had a culture change, of metalidade, therefore in the past, they found that ‘ ‘ chefe’ ‘ it would have to give orders and them they would have to obey, but currently, they know that they can and they must participate and contribute for the increasing improvement and adequacy of the services and the environment of work.

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