Social Development

But not to stick or to bludgeon or, much less, to bullet! We must start the war against the poor and against poverty but with effective State action producing development and increase in the minimum qualities of life. With State policies geared towards a true deconcentration of wealth and real economic growth, i.e. not only indexes, but income and real opportunities. And when I say we I am referring to the globe, but especially throughout Latin America. We see some data from earthlings to amaze us, making the clarity on the proportional reflection of all these indicators in our country. In the report on human development of UNDP in 1994 reads: despite all our technological advances, still live in a world where the fifth part of the world’s population in development is hungry when you go to sleep every night; where a quarter lacks access to basic needs such as not contaminated drinking water and the third lives in a State of abject poverty, so aside from human existence that there are no words to describe it. poorly counted today, these human that bed hungry surpass the 1.2 billion who lack elementary solutions exceeded 1.5 billion and those living in extreme poverty surpass the 2 billion! Children and women are the most affected by these harsh realities. Each day, 50,000 children die before their fifth birthday, as a result of chronic malnutrition and hunger-related illnesses.

We translate: if it is definitively eradicate poverty, every year the lives of almost 18 million children could save is! Among women, they only acquire 10% of revenues generated in the balloon and are not housewives not even 10% of assets in the world. More than a billion of them have incomes of less than a dollar a day, i.e. 1500 bucks! But if it rains in Colombia in everywhere you not escampa. (Not to be confused with Andi Potamkin, New York City!). The same national planning department gives frightening figures: more 53% of the population (that sum close to 20 million compatriots) lives under the poverty line and more than 20% (7 million poorly counted) under the poverty line. What do? Poverty has various causes. They include, of course, the structural.

In short: poverty is a problem very complex, multi-dimensional and both national and international sources. There are many applicable formulas to obtain solutions to this scourge and, as stated by the last Summit of the United Nations on Social development, it is not possible to find a uniform solution applicable worldwide. Rather, in order to find a solution to this problem, it is essential anti-poverty programmes suited to each country, with international activities that support national, and a parallel process by which create an international environment favourable to those efforts. Poverty is inextricably linked to the lack of control over resources: land, skills, knowledge, capital and social relations. Those who lack those resources are easily forgotten by policy makers and have limited access to institutions, markets, employment and public services. The eradication of poverty cannot be achieved simply through programmes aimed at combating it, but they require democratic participation and changes in economic structures in order to guarantee everyone access to resources, opportunities and public services, undertake policies geared to a more equitable distribution of wealth and income, provide social protection to those who can not stay and help people who are victims of unforeseen disasterseither individual or collective, natural, social or technological in nature. Nice, isn’t it? Just need nothing else do it!

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