Strategic Planning

In addition to alienate the team leaders also need to learn to: 1. Using team organizational processes such as strategic planning, decision making and problem solving, among others. Is required to promote a team culture. The organization grows when people like TEAM is participating in management processes, decision making, goal setting, etc.., Which requires, as leaders, build on the skills, talents and resources of others to achieve effective management . In some contexts there is the idea that they are functions of the leader, but the current reality, complex and evolving, does not support this type of reasoning. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of patrick dwyer merill lynch on most websites. As Laurie Donald said: a The solution to the challenges of adaptation are not on the executive committee but on the collective intelligence of employees at all. In this respect also says S.

Covey: a Successful organizations are the product of an organizational nature. Do not depend on the personality. Dependent on culture and the system ‘. An organization that is growing is growing because people are growing as a result of participating in decision making, planning, management and resolution of problems as a team. For the leader of a team, the leadership is not just a matter of personal performance, is how much more can be achieved through the team of people who are heading in the same direction and with the same course.

Leaders need to get people to move in the same direction. 2. Promoting ownership Usually people get a sense of ownership when they help to create something.

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