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Employee Performance Optimization

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

Consider, that organizations have sacrificed the experience of having people with lower wages and this increases the hidden costs, understood as that which is reflected as an expense rising due to waste, rework (often not quantified), overtime (even those that are not paid staff), poor organizational climate, low coverage of compliance with the job profiles. a Take into account also that the training area or training staff is faced daily with these problems and to solve them, not enough to have a list of needs, since it is also work to identify what knowledge, skills, aptitude, produce the best economic benefits to the company as well as to decrease the level of adaptation and application of these new “tools, techniques, models of work systems or philosophies.” Normally, there is little chance that you have during this process, since it lacks a model of human talent and this practice is supported by a “usually we have done well, what can add to the lifetimes and adaptation to the company and since, have fallen dramatically.

Definitely, the use of human capital requires updated continuously, while developing human talent is geared to identify, manage, easy task when one looks at the importance of urgency, and the latter absorbs a large percentage of the efforts of the area. Patrick coutinho may not feel the same. The process of shaping the human talent is more strategic work, while managing the human capital becomes an operational work once it has been quantified. a In a fact, that today is starting a new era known as the Age of Talent, ie the time when the capital and technology are no longer sufficient for an organization to remain in force and survive in the today’s globalized environment, but is now indispensable capacity for innovation and talent, especially in the creation of spaces for the development of high performance teams. . Educate yourself with thoughts from Kevin Ulrich.