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Car Evaluation

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Evacuation of the car – one of the most popular services on the territory of Moscow. The need for this service due to several reasons, namely: 1) Annual prirorostom fleet, 2) upgrade the fleet of old vehicles for new, 3) Construction of new automobile plants, and 4) the lack of a sufficient Number of plants for recycling, 5) Nesovereshnstvom of legislative base in the recycling of cars, 6) increases traffic on major streets, highways and thoroughfares of the city, Moscow, 7) inadequate number of firms and companies providing this service. Now let's look at each of these causes in more detail. Hyundai contains valuable tech resources. Annual increase in cars in the city of Moscow – a few hundred thousand cars a year. This trend has been going on for 15 years. In the 90 years one family has one car, to date statistics that single-family three machines, ie one car for each family member. To date kolichetsvo machines already exceeded three million, but experts predict a further increase in the fleet, make – about 500,000 vehicles a year. Upgrading of old cars to new results from, the sale of the old avtotrasnporta new owners and their vehicles instead pokupkinovogo sold.

In this regard, is the process of saving the park Number of new vehicles and doubling or even tripling the fleet of old cars. In all western countries practiced recycling process starogoavtotransporta sick after run one hundred thousand kilometers, which has a beneficial effect on the environment. Due to the constant increase in the number of new vehicles and not reduce the number of old traffic on the roads of the city of Moscow constantly increasing, it is natural increases and tensions, and correspondingly increasing accident rate. The reaction to the accident and the accident road services the city is not always fast enough. To address these Moscow at any time – operating a tow truck trips to the place of accident – solution to export cars from their place of failure – helping in the provision of evacuation vehicles to the disposal site – solution to escape the car, who can not move by itself, to places of production and removal of vehicles from the traffic police and other accounting issues related to transportation vehicles.

Taxi Service – They Are Used By Millions Of

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Sure, taxi services – is something without which, in some cases, it is difficult to imagine a modern way of life. But in this article we will talk about how to protect yourself from possible trouble, which accompany passengers to taxis. Taxi business a couple of minutes, but sometimes still quite pleasant trip ends troubles. We are all human, we all have, there are private affairs, the problems we are all constantly somewhere in a hurry and, therefore, is often sparse.

Especially when a person is late, for it is typical to leave their own thing. For example, taxi drivers are in their cars literally everything from cigarette lighters, cigarettes, and ending mobile phones, laptops, and purses. When you leave in a taxi lighter – it is at least unpleasant, but when a new laptop for a couple of thousands of U.S. units with invaluable information – it is not only insulting Get things back is almost impossible, even if the taxi driver wants it himself. Contact you had no opportunity, and only you can somehow influence the situation. Thus, producing a taxi by phone, you certainly inform the color and model of car, in addition, the operator is almost always says the number of your workplace, remember it, sometimes difficult, but in some cases, it is still possible.

All incoming calls are entered into the computer database. Knowing the address where the car was ordered taxis, brand and color you can find the driver, with whom traveled. By the way, in accordance with applicable law, the driver, on a mandatory basis should all left in the car belongings of passengers to transfer the administration of the fleet. In fact, it turns out that leaving personal things – one, in this case things are not valuable – umbrellas, bags, etc. But self-respecting company providing taxi services, always ready to return the passengers of their belongings.

Taxi in Moscow daily by hundreds of people. In order to get the trip as soon as positive emotions, stick with a number of uncomplicated advice. If you drive one – sit alongside the driver, the likelihood that you leave your own stuff on the seat, is halved. Without the need to not reach for their devices: communicators, sub notebooks and so on. Do not put your personal belongings, even for a few minutes, the door niches in pockets provided in the car. Because distracted for even a second, let the call, you can just forget about them. If possible ask the taxi driver of his personal business card, it, if necessary, will allow you to instant communicate with him.

Car TVs

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Car TVs are no longer novelties on the market cars and they are nothing new. Those who often travels long distances, who often ride in the backseat of the children and everyone who gets in traffic jams in rush hour appreciated and valued and loved. If you have not bought avtotelevizor, but thinking about it, this article tells a bit about it. Any Car tv – a combination of several devices – an antenna for receiving signal, a tv tuner for processing and lcd monitor for playback of images. When you select a car to the tv, above all, pay attention to how well it takes the signal. Because frequent interference, "Snow", a double image, but rather beat off the hunt to watch tv, what will attract you to turn it on again.

In the city you can still provide a reasonable signal reception, but the farther away from the city, the signal is weaker, and because many drivers are buying DVD-players, which can be easily connected to a tv or buy directly portable TVs, where the dvd was originally built. With regard to strengthening television reception, then this use different kinds of antennas. Antennas are active (with antenna amplifier), passive (no amp) pin fixed external (they can be installed on the roof, rear wing, the rear or side window), pin stationary internal (they are fixed inside the back or front glass), internal net (they can be attached to the heater rear window), interdigital electro-mechanical (eg mounted on the rear fender). Dimensions of automobile TVs are quite varied – from 3 to 17 inches. There are also 40-inch screens, but these are installed in trucks, minibuses and large cars. When buying Car tv not be amiss to see how he behaves at very low or high temperatures, with shaking, vibration, shock loads. Of great importance is the viewing angle the tv than it is, the better. Ideal option, it is 180 degrees, then the tv can be viewed from anywhere in the cabin, and even in bright light.