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Great More Deals

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

Great deals on kids desks and much more just in time for the start of school soon starts the new school year. To be able to get home right, children and young people need the right equipment. Connect with other leaders such as patrick dwyer newedge here. A neat desk, as well as a matching desk chair is therefore essential. It is particularly important that the products do not burden the back. The back should be supported optimally in childhood to prevent future back pain. Therefore you should look for when buying on the quality of its products.

Fortunately, various manufacturers of certified products have the latest models in the offer on time to the start of school! The company produces high-quality and functional desks, as well as the matching desk chairs for children and teenagers Moll. Something very special introductions for the swivel chairs are minor Maximo, as well as of the new swivel chair in Woody. The minor Maximo is an evolution of the model forte minor Maximo. Visually the new minor Maximo in classic design comes, he has a stellar Base and that be padded back panels depending on the taste in plain or a fancy pattern can be selected. The special is in the many small details: the seat and backrest can be adjusted in small increments, so that the Chair can grow with your child.

He withstands up to 80 kg and supports the back in optimum way thanks to ergonomically shaped cushions. The Maximo offers the possibility, regardless of the backrest to adjust the seat depth. It enables a very individual adjustment of the Chair according to the needs of your child. The swivel chair Woody is made from solid beech wood and his stellar base ensures stability. He adapts to through his 3D-Wipp-Mechanik the natural pool movement of the child and supports the back. The height of the Chair can be easily adjusted through a gas spring.

Protect Children From Abuse / New Prevention Audiobook

Monday, July 15th, 2019

New child safety audiobook – helps children to protect themselves from abuse. (EU/SO April 20, 2010) – whether in the family, on the playground, at school or just to strangers: children need to learn to be able to say no once clear. Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted on this topic. But especially timid and weak children have often not enough self-confidence to say compared to adults. “How to protect yourself properly! -Hazards identify and exercise proper behavior”is a children’s audiobook, on which Ralf Schmitz, the leading expert in the field of the prevention of violence in schools, bodily and advice are, how they can protect themselves in the family, in the Internet, in the schoolyard, on the playground before violence and assault. DETECT AND CORRECT BEHAVIOUR DRIVEN TRAINING! (Image and cover please ask for under) How my child learns to say “No”? How do it get more confidence to assert themselves in extreme situations? What can my child do if it is approached by a motorist is? How will it behave on the Internet if it is contacted by pedophiles? What other dangers (ringtones / mobile phone subscription traps, insults among students) lurking in the chat? How can it detect hazards in advance and train the right behavior? What weapons are suitable for children? The expert answered these and many other questions, which are often children, in his new audiobook for children safety. In the development of methodologies for his audiobook Schmitz benefited from his experience in the sure-strong initiative, as well as his broad knowledge through police work in special forces, as a federal trainer and training in 15 different self-defense sports. The sure-strong social initiative collaborates with children in primary school children and their parents in special courses and helps them to defend themselves against abuse and violence.

Just now the subject of “Child abuse” this audiobook so currently like is never discussed, comes at the right time. The sure-strong team, consisting of highly qualified educators, psychologists, child therapist and former policemen to protect himself and his child for many years proven methods to the issue of violence against children and shows valuable measures, from crime. “How to protect the children audiobook with safety stickers and 2 CDs you properly! Identify hazards and exercise proper behavior!