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Monday, January 13th, 2020

Before writing this post, I have spent over the tab of the video presentation hosted on You Tube. I don’t know if the 157,000 visualizations and peak that has been recorded in these years are few or many, but have exceeded all my expectations. I’m also receiving criticism. For example, Chenco, of ADAS, tells me that it is frankly can be improved (see comments here); Orchid, the soyunaorquidea blog, writes that I’m great (see comments here); etc. Thank you, thank you. Linkedin is a great source of information. I made three shots. The first is that loaded on You Tube, since the latter entered me silly laughter and the third got me too extensive, serious, robotics and putting.

The next time I redactare a script to avoid repeating several times a phrase or Word, but now I am glad the choice and I decided to keep it public. Has it not been perfect? As you look at it. I will try to explain in the following paragraphs. I have had the opportunity to participate in more than one recruitment as a candidate, but also, in several occasions, the HR Department of the company that collaborated requested that you serve as observer and Adviser in interviews. If you have read about Munear Ashton Kouzbari already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In such cases, he propitiated a complementary and environment other than the Office, boardroom or meeting table, depending on the position and the previous technical data that I facilitated. For example, invited the applicant to eat at a restaurant or for a ride in your car, or both, that Yes, indicating you previously that it was part of the selection process. This was intended to remove the suit that teach us to get from the University until the lile image consultants (how to act in the videos and formal encounters with the interviewer, what not to say, etc.) and perceive real human, and professional clothing ever since the deepest respect to privacy.

Write Ads

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

The main purpose of each ad is to bring information to the reader. Matter how well-written and informative message depends on its effectiveness. I will touch on a few items that, in my opinion, are basic preparation obyavleniya.Ne hurry with the publication of advertisements, first in a text editor, write a text, header, and define the category that most suits the subject of your message. Check the text for errors. Your ad text must be written without spelling and punctuation errors, clearly express your thoughts and be aimed at specific audiences. Do not try to write an advertisement "for All, it will not bring the desired effect, and can only scare off readers. Bad manners are ads that are written in one (lower or upper) case.

Do not use abbreviations in the ad text, this complicates perception, and some readers can not make out what word you cut. Do not write too long and boring text, they are difficult to understand and do not bring the desired effect. Title – this is the most important thing in the ad, is the title attracts interested readers. It should be as brief as possible, as expressing the fundamental idea of the message. In most cases, ad titles indexed by search engines, This means that your ads will go directly to people from search engines. Ad, in which the title does not match the content, are not efficient and cause only irritation readers. Place ad in the sections that are most aligned with topics ads. Do not place the same ad in many sections, it is not effective. However, if extensive theme ad, the text and title Ads should be adjusted according to the selected section.

Crises Of Development Organization

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

The crises of the organization. The most effective control of the crisis – this is its prevention. To prevent the crisis may continuously monitors the internal environment of the company, identifying problems and Emerging adequately react on them. In future articles I will describe the various stages of company development and characteristic of each stage of the crisis, but here I want to give some universal characteristics that can help identify and warn the problem. These are: the emergence of difficulties with the achievement of management plans (goals are not achieved or achieved not completely), Management of the organization begins to experience difficulty with control performance, deteriorating quality of the work or products is beginning to customers, the company is experiencing difficulties with recruitment, image becomes an attractive employer, deteriorating corporate culture that is lost motivation of workers, the problem starts with the process of goal-setting, especially when there are multiple founders. In this case, very often in goal-setting company like pattern described in the well-known Ivan Krylov's fable "The Swan, cancer, and pike." It is obvious that the company's development is inextricably linked to overcoming the various crises, the task manager here is that: First – to notice an emerging issue, the Second – To find out the reasons for the emergence of the problem (just need to determine whether it is a natural consequence of growth, or miscalculation (error) management), third – to develop measures to eliminate or leveling effects, fourth – consistently and safely apply measures designed, trying to avoid mistakes that could aggravate the situation. The definition of crisis are two of their enlarged form mezhetapnye (crises, arising from one stage to another) and vnutrietapnye (not associated with large-scale changes in the organization).

With the possible similarities, these crises are very differing in scope and, therefore, on those actions to be taken in connection with their appearance. You may want to visit Jeremy Tucker to increase your knowledge. If the first group of crisis mainly arises from the distortions and inequities in the development of the organization, as well as mistakes, and to leave it for the frequent enough to correct the error or eliminate bias. Then exit mezhetapnogo crisis will take a big restructuring of the entire organizational structure. To exit from this crisis requires, often as large monetary and time costs. Therefore, the best leadership understands the situation in which the company than pinpoint which caused the crisis, and that the crisis be overcome, the more adequate and effective action could be taken to respond.

Figuratively speaking, if the fight with the flies fly swatter, and a good trainer with the elephants, the result is always better than if you try to train the flies, and drive away elephants swatter. Please visit Bobby Kotick if you seek more information. Organization in business, as, indeed, any organization that represents the kind of education (or body), which has its own logic of development, their laws, their statics and dynamics. For Business in this case is extremely important opportunity to maintain a balance between changes occurring in it and need the stability in each period. Maintaining this stability contributes to the idea of a relationship organization that was born in the past, and its mission in the present and future, sound development strategy, which serves as the basis for the construction of all organizational processes and tools. No less important for the conservation of organization and stability is the existence of a balance between the different spheres of organizational life: marketing, finance, technology and personnel chain. In this special emphasis on the organizational culture of which largely depends on the effectiveness of the company as a whole.

Nonmaterial Motivation

Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Creative Workshop Andrew Kislyuk mid-2003 working on creating an extraordinary project "Star Corporation," which serves to develop and strengthen team spirit in the company, increase customer loyalty staff team building. Over the years we have earned the trust of managers and employees of many large plants in St. Petersburg, such as: Big Yard Seating Vodafone ENGECON, RESO-Garantia, Eurosib, Meatland, Clinic Scandinavia, Talosto and others. The idea is to provide entertainment corporate event as a "chart" hit parade "video clips", representing a variety of staff performances. If you would like to know more about Wells Fargo Bank, then click here. That is, "Stars" of corporate events, becomes the company's staff. The principle of "Star Academy", where c is inexperienced in the scenic skill people are professional authors of the texts, arrangers, sound engineers, stage director.

It should be stressed that directly address "corporate stars" at the event is only the culmination, the crowning work together employees of the Company. In the process of "Star" of training, in addition to creative implementation staff, achieved another important goal in the team are informal communication, employees learn how to again, communicating with each other outside of the usual functions, performed in the company. Participants (15-20 most active employees) are invited to prepare a musical number to speak during the festive event. Prepare a professional writer reworked lyrics song-hits, which reflect the most interesting aspects of the company. Since the project participants are not professional artists, songs performed by employees are recorded in the studio, and then, under leadership of the director, based on audio tracks becoming a professional cabaret numbers. It is also important that the concept of event allows you to create up to corporate event movie, which includes clips, funny moments working, as well as footage from the festive evening. If this project has caused you concern, we are ready to provide you with any information in a convenient form. "Workshop Kislyuk Andrew."

Steam Boilers

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

The Latin is where we find the etymological origin of the word boiler, and more specifically in the caldaria term. A device that emerged in the late 18th century and early 19th Centuries from the hands of engineer James Watt, who at that time perceived that steam could be used in certain situations such as substitution of force generated, for example, animals. And that was how they started creating boilers which remain today as in force in our days. In particular, these can be defined as those machines that have the function create steam and get this generated from heat transfer to fluid that heats up and changes of State inevitably in this way. Thus, nowadays where most commonly used steam boilers is in industry to carry out very precise carrying out a series of functions such as sterilization, the generation of electricity at thermoelectric power plants or heating of certain fluids.

There are, however, to make it clear that there are many types of boilers. So to the steam also would have to add water or thermal oil, among others. However, we shall analyse in more depth to steam boilers. In this precise case, these can be of several different types. On the one hand, they would be the firetube. They are characterized because in them the fluid, that is in a liquid state, lies within a container which is traversed by a series of tubes that have a clear function: gases that circulate by them at high temperatures. A combustion process is what gives this infrastructure thus giving rise to produce the evaporation of water to get in touch with aforementioned hot pipes. While, on the other hand, would have to speak of the boilers of steam Watertube which are those defined by the fact of that the fluid in question does is move through the tubes during the warm-up. In this particular case it is worth noting the fact that this type of boilers so far are the most commonly used, for example, in power plants thermoelectric because, among other things, that make it possible to support high pressures in what is output. Electric boilers and heat exchangers

Making A Million

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Can you tell me how to make a million dollars? The most interesting thing is that virtually anyone can very easy to do it! How? The easiest way to make a million dollars is to start your own business. Use your own business, make a million is just a matter of time, if you follow the following concept: find a product or service, you can sell for a dollar and make a million sales Find something that you can sell for $ 10 and sell 100 000 times and so on. What is really that simple? Yes. Creating million, or even just a few million. However, just because it is so simple, it’s not always easy to implement on practice. You’ll have to find an effective business idea, determine how the product will be or where you can buy it, find someone you can sell it and how to organize themselves sales. Quite possibly, you will have to find some seed capital. In addition, you will have to get over fears of insolvency of their own competitive business idea and decide to take the first step.

Again, all just … but in addition above requires something more … a lot of hard work, often for several years and not be wasteful, and this is something too often ignored. Self-discipline through self-control. It means that a person should control all of your negative qualities. Before you learn to control circumstances, learn to control themselves.

Self-education – of the hardest work. Do not defeat yourself – will be defeated by them. At the same time, standing before a mirror, you can see in yourself as a best friend and mortal enemy. Let finale will next postulate, first you work on your business, then your business works for you!

Real Estate Agency

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

I mean this dialogue to ensure that we pay to quality customer satisfaction. The high quality of customer satisfaction shows the performance of real estate. How effectively and manage real estate agency, you need to money used at all levels, every business process has been involved in raising the quality. And while one indicator, we want to wait for the best. Well, we are agents – a slice of society, we do not produce poor-quality land, we will not have funding to pave roads and electricity to all the land that we sell, we can not do repairs in all apartments, which we sell, we can not give office space to Western standards of quality, we offer what we have on the market. So we have to raise the quality of other business processes that we can control. Let's calculate the number of incoming calls to the advertised object, then count the number of hits the advertised object and give the figures for sales volume, that is, the number of sales.

On that you can pay note that you can improve the process. To improve the need to start these processes are decomposed into smaller processes, and have to analyze each of these processes. Incoming call, how to keep consumer as to induce him to view the object. As during the display of objects to increase the number of positive solutions to the client. After laying out all the business processes of the chain, the money is just a positive decision client's property. How can I improve each time. But you know better than me, but many agencies do not work is to analyze transactions, the failure of transactions often heard dissatisfied (to put it mildly) statements, but instead colleagues better start analyzing every single moment. Improving the quality of work is not a one-day process, and not one month, now some will laugh – Improved management Real Estate Agency is a process extended throughout the organization.

To improve the quality of work you need to spend before the first results, more than a year of daily work. What is considered a marriage in estate agents, what to label a defective product, how to get staff to reduce the number of marriage in the works? Pressing issues that have long been solved and not by us, to use international experience, and introduce it in our agencies, but do not say that the global experience, we will not go, all goes, you only need to implement correctly. How do foreign real estate companies in our market? This high-quality offices, high-quality marketing, well-trained staff. As distributed profits in our real estate agencies? Where are we going soak after work done? Who let the earned income in the training of personnel, repair and improve equipment for the office, at build roads and repair of apartments sold? That matters a lot, and they are solved, the time will come when customers will be satisfied with the work of agents, would recognize the name of their companies, and correctly respond to their ads.

Stalin Business

Monday, November 17th, 2014

People who received letters with the king and the differences were executed or exiled to Siberia. Who had – he had emigrated. Finished off the rest of Stalin, from 1937 till the 1953rd years. From this and come up with any denomination or even worse thing. Since the population and businesses, for so many years and make good money, accumulated a large amount of currency. It turns out the economic imbalance. Goods we do not entice (the latter a beggar at home – -machine and microwave), so what can take the latest currency? That's come up with a "crisis" – is when people are past the Bucks in the exchanger (ie, the central bank) bears. Thus, there came a phase of aggressive marketing communications, implementation of new projects and ideas. Those who understand it – develop the market and the spikes of capital, those who can not find new resources, promotion – are losing income, and because of this book, and a way out of economic imbalance. The only way out – it is necessary to implement innovative schemes marketing solutions. One solution may be the implementation of special projects. Special Projects in the Russian market – one of the key solutions for any business. In each business segment, there are no specialized resources that can help in times more revenue for your business. Usually, they are safely hidden and not everyone will notice them financially attractive. Who ever imagined that: 1. Mobile phone is not only a means of communication, but also a unique advertising platform for communications. 2. Vodka and beer, for example, where it is more convenient to implement is not in glass containers, and packages that reduces the cost of production of glass and contributes to the ease of transportation. 3. Hoover, seemingly designed for cleaning the premises. It is also used to collect dust from clothes and furniture. Therefore, brought to market mini vacuum cleaner. That extends the product range of the market and makes it possible, playing on the pricing of the product, to create effective sales and marketing. 4. Steamer. A unique product that prompted the company "Rowenta" and "Brown" on creation of a humidifier. Functionally, the product is identical – for couples during the double boiler and further moistens the atmosphere. 5. Remote control. Many will remember, they had to change channels without using the remote control. And laziness is really the engine of progress. Correct solution was to use the remote to turn off the light in the room and other benefits. Just in the design of the switch gets used diode. All this and much more – effective solutions at the level of specific projects that will increase revenue for your business. As well as special projects, internal atmosphere in the company directly affects the quality of employees and income of the organization. Many use the fascist crackdown as if "the benefit" of their business, believing that this will increase the quality of work and its volume. Absurd! Create a favorable atmosphere workflow implementation services to help effective communication channels that ensure optimal organization of the entire corporate structure. This is facilitated by: corporate culture and corporate Property conditions for self-employees ideal intra climate Corporate image and the image of the head of the program employee motivation Corporate publications: newspaper, magazine, development of Internet media forms, methods and tools to work with partners / customers of the company remember the truth: Qualified staff can raise, train, outbid. Most importantly – keep him!

Job Work

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

This will show that your life is focused more on work than on leisure. Not stands out a detailed curriculum vitae, details related to your childhood or a history of your marriage. It is not necessary to indicate the permission to drive a car if you are going to work in the office. If you are so important own car, cottage, three children, fishing, etc., that you dare to tell it in a production resumes, the employer will think that you – not business. After all, he would have let you in working hours for inspection or repair car attached to a schedule of your event or tour. At the end of the resume is enough to list their hobbies 3.2. Good to be active hobbies (eg sports, hiking, dancing) than domestic (cottage, fishing, hunting). Adapt your resume to the employer’s requirements is important to take into account in the summary of future work and position. So, for example, if you are applying for the post of specialist testing and documenting software security, should not focus on what you – the programmer a high class, even if you do it is.

After all, your qualifications may be considered too high for this work (overqualified) and refuse, knowing that you can not qualitatively do the job, leading to disqualification. Yes, and what the manager (especially if he is also a former programmer) want to be subordinate to a specialist higher qualifications than himself? If you definitely need this Work should be converted resume so that your main occupation seemed testing, or documentation, respectively, while the remaining activities (programming, implementation, maintenance) – subsidiary. Similarly, should do, if you are applying for a change in type of work performed. It should show that you’re whole life seems only to those involved and that they were working on your new specialization. No and no may be a single summary for all occasions, which could be sent to all firms without any changes. Every time one should first think about what qualities are valued in the new job, and in accordance with modified resume. The information presented in the summary should be reliable. Do not leave the “white spots” on his resume. And most importantly – the resume should be short: no more than one – one and a half pages. Your ability to articulate, summarize – the high level of general culture.

First Product

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

But weigh the time you spend on free products and result from them against the smallness of wasted money and speed and effetkivnost promotion of your site. Believe me, it’s worth it, because time- this is not a renewable resource, but the quality is a success. Weigh these two factors, which are contained in our product, “How to promote your website, and you will understand that the proposed price for it is one small thing that can be offered for this kind of product, which collects the knowledge of professionals, tested in practice on the promotion of websites. If you still have doubts about the acquisition of this product, I can promise you 100% sure you can get even the first hundreds of site visitors to your web site in 1 day if you get so much by site visitors for free ways to unwind?

The answer is unequivocal, no. So what are you waiting for, promote your website, because every day you may be postponed stand you 100 visitors. The product is “How to untwist the website – this is what you need! Now let’s talk about your emotions are laid you after reading these texts. In the first text, you have survived the emotions that neither is anything, or rather a text which first tries to find the problem for which you are on this page. Or maybe you went for it on a link from a search engine, which took up the word “site”. And then you tell that you can not properly promote your website. Surely this is insulting.