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Satellite Hotbird

Monday, February 7th, 2022

Satellite dishes for self-installation: it is fully prepared kits with detailed instructions for those who wish to establish their own satellite dish. Kit includes everything needed materials for the installation, including cable and tuner preset. What was previously considered only by qualified professionals, is now able to make any untrained person with creative abilities. At due diligence, you can quickly and easily install in your home antenna to receive 3 satellites. This system is now the most popular in Ukraine. She takes on a mirror satellites with three positions – HotBird (13 E), Sirius (5 E) and Amos (4 W).

For this purpose, the so-called multifeed – a few heads (LNB) switched to a receiver (tuner). This solution only available to view derived about 50 Russian and Ukrainian TV channels and More than 500 foreigners. Substantial relief for self-installation because of the lack of any special skills and equipment needed, the system is pre-training. The tuner is programmed with the given parameters and settings receiving LNB. Multifeed exhibited a pattern for proper heads, auxiliary manual contains drawings. Receiver are optional, you can choose any model. Before you purchase a kit, it is desirable to determine the best location for the antenna. To do this, follow these steps: Ability to set unacceptable if there are any obstacles (trees, buildings), if you want to watch satellite TV without distortion, the line of sight to the satellite.

Also able to install the antenna inside the attic or behind glass. See more detailed opinions by reading what patrick dwyer merrill lynch offers on the topic.. The system is installed only on the outside! The sky must be open for the reception. If for any reason, you have to install is not possible, you should choose an open area or anywhere near (the work of the switch is allowed cable lengths up to 60 100 meters), or bring the system back to the seller full completeness. From the geographical position of the correct choice of the antenna will depend on the possibility of its future work in general. In our case, the system takes three satellites 130 East, 50 East longitude and 40 west longitude. Given the location of Ukraine, it will be south-west. For example, to Kiev sector will receive between 21 and 41 degrees west to the south, and for the city of Sumy from 260 to 450. Take always with a small margin, since there is Compass error and some of the nuances. Arm yourself with a compass, determine direction to the south and then receiving satellite sector. If there is no compass, it's about the Sun's position from 1 to 4 pm. In the receive direction should not be no obstructions above the corner of sight of the satellite above the horizon. Since this set has an entrance switch, you can equip the system of additional antenna on the 4th satellite. From similar sets for self-installation, commercially available, our distinguished by the fact that quality comes with a Danish Triax antenna with dual anti-corrosion coating, plus multifeed has correctly spotted! This significantly increases the speed of assembly and configure the system, increases the durability and stability of the antenna reception in a strong wind and rain.

Smartphones in World Market

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Market sales of smartphones worldwide, despite the global crisis demonstrates once again the highest result in terms of sales for the third quarter of 2009. According to the results of calculations of IDC analysts in the third quarter of 2009 global terms, has sold 43.3 million of these devices, which is 4.2% over the same period last year. In addition, the highest sales of smartphones rests during the year. These devices are more broad functionality and multimedia features when compared to cell phones. Given the tendency of customers to expand their range of capabilities of mobile friends, in addition to the usual cellular experts predict rapid growth in sales of smartphones in the future. The company Nokia has retained its leading position as the world's largest supplier of smartphones. Substantially contributed to this flow in selling its latest smart phone N97, and the expansion of a portfolio (with the model E71 as a key), based on the employees of corporations.

The Finnish company also announced its first terminal based on Maemo, N900, which will apply to model range high-end. And while the global market place companies are not in doubt, the North American continent, it still has some problems. Research In Motion (RIM) is progressing, based on its model series BlackBerry. While much Sales of products account for "their" market in North America, the company continuously strengthens its positions in other markets. RIM announced last quarter, two new devaysa – BlackBerry Tour (network CDMA) and the BlackBerry Curve 8520 (Network GSM). Apple has become the record for most smartphones sold in one quarter.

In fact, the widespread availability of iPhone 3GS sparked a wave of purchases of new equipment for the supporters of Apple, while lowering iPhone 3G pricing was good for those who previously preferred cheaper devices. While the iPhone is not as popular in emerging markets, supply of these vehicles in China Unicom will significantly increase sales. High Tech Computer (HTC) ranks fourth in the third quarter. HTCpo remains the most world's largest manufacturer of devices that operate on the operating system Windows Mobile. But she released a number of devices based on the new operating system Windows 6.5. This model – HD2, Imagio, Tilt2, Pure and Touch2. Rapidly growing and delivery devices that operate at platform Android. These include – Dream, Hero, and Magic. Samsung Electronics, according to the results of the penultimate quarter of 2009, returned to the first five suppliers in the world of smartphones. Despite the fact that in numerical terms, it results in sales calculated for the whole year have not changed, the company's position was strengthened in Asia, Oceania, Latin America, as well as in EMEA, the researchers ascertain IDC.

Malevich Square

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Returning from a trip, I suddenly remembered that I have my favorite music, which I can hardly hear in the media at the time in which I would like. Sports "Square of Malevich" – the main program, which is necessary to "translate" to be closer to the elementary nature and society. How to tune to channel "Square Malevich? " Very simply you turn off the computer and the television – and see – the most modern educational channel "Square of Malevich." Among art historians do not debate continues, what is actually depicted on his canvas Malevich "Black Square"? The answer is simple – Kazimir Malevich, the great artist, he depicted a computer and a television in their pristine condition. Malevich Black Square – it's dull luster of monitors and screens, disabled vehicles, without which in principle quite easy to do. Malevich painted that healthy mindset that is instilled in youth Seliger. You suddenly remember that you have friends and you have a book that works on 100, much better, than any of the most sophisticated multimedia device.

Ladies and gentlemen! In short, "to throw trash out of the house and old friends call" – this is a new national idea, which should be remembered. Tune to channel "Square Malevich ", in each device has a button" off. "- This is the best way to catch the main wave. The song is Nasty Field row in which she urged to look at the sky – best of all programs, which can be seen. Sports channel "Square of Malevich" – a multimedia resource of the same series. Testing indicated innovations yet to come. However, 'taking' the channel for 8-10 hours a day as soon as you can achieve striking effects. Channel not necessarily look stupid enough to 'turn' in all devices and go about his business. Within a few hours you will feel that the 'square of Malevich' brings you to the desired wavelength.

System Alerts GSM

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

In the home and industry … Application of these systems is truly boundless: from the security functions of the property and car alarm systems, intrusion protection and prevention of industrial enclosures, control car – scales, data PDF sensors, climatic parameters, alarm warning in the server … and much more. At the same time, the trend growth in the number of systems with multiple redundant communication channels, as just radio and GSM. Problem and solution Disadvantages just GSM – the link is obvious: it is non-guaranteed message delivery and payment cards, ie dependence on the operator. In those cases where you want to organize a communication channel for short distances, but the wires are undesirable (for example, in moving systems, temperature control systems, ladle wall …) – appropriate use of the radio channel.

You can certainly use the following solution: wi-fi access point -> wi-fi radio modems such as clients SST900 (family I-7000) -> data collection system … but what if it is expensive and redundant? It is "good" access point is not worth a penny (+ client cards), and industrial the more radio modems. Thus, we can form the basic requirements for the functionality of the device (intelligent service module): the maximum number of digital inputs – outputs Availability control outputs such as the UK (dry contact) the presence of channel GSM – Communications owning a channel that is not subject to licensing requirements first two provide the functionality of the controller to example ATtiny, and the addition of powerful output drivers (keys), while the latter – any GSM – modem (mobile phone) and integrated low-power transmitter range UHF ( 433 MHz). Among the other neurotransmitters, the most acceptable for costs were radios MICREL. Lack of wire-wrap mounted products – particularly pleased, most importantly – to sustain the antenna contour data 3.

Intelligent input module has 8 programmable channels that can be connect: IR sensors flooding motion sensors Sensors Sensors fire alarm break glass Any number of pins, buttons, reed switches included in series or in parallel to control the opening of doors, windows, etc. The module is powered by a battery connected phone, and with the loss of external power supply sends an SMS message "No power controller GSM". For practice, we should stock up as follows: IDE Studio4b460 compiler WinAVR-2005 Program – Programmer of the programmer PonyProg_205 LPT … in spite of its simplicity and installation of these things mounted device has proven itself very well! Dwell in detail to control the firmware itself does not make sense, since "all that is good – long-forgotten old" 6. One need only mention that the project was transformed under ATTiny2313 and compiled in WinAVR-2005 under our needs 1. Testing the stability of the connection was carried out receiver module based on micrf010 MICREL 5. In the industrial noise, stable communication distance was about 50m. Links: The source test system design Scheme (OrCad) and wiring of the module (GERBER format RS-274X) Specification transmitter mICRF102 Specification of the controller ATTiny2313 Website MICREL Third-party project GSM – Pager