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Russian Windows

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

An integral part of the facade of the building are the windows. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. Wooden window designs first fail and require reconstruction. This is understandable, given their continued operation and direct interaction with the environment. In addition, cracked by the time the tree has a low strength, moisture resistance and fire safety. Therefore, in many cases, the original windows replaced with new ones, repeating their shape and color, but made of modern materials. Restoration window must meet high requirements for thermal insulation, durability, sound insulation and durability.

After all, it is intended not just to replace the old design, but also to provide protection for the interior from the damaging effects weather events and rigid atmosphere of a modern city. In addition, the window must be fully consistent with the style buildings, its decorative and architectural design. According to experts, the best solution ensured that all of these conditions are plastic windows. “Not all restorers imagine the possibilities of technology manufacturing pvc window-profile. This material when heated becomes flexible, allowing you to create any form: arched, round, cross, etc. “- said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with clients propleks Group, a leading Russian manufacturer pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. Thus, a plastic window “antique” is not difficult. “The undoubted advantages of plastic windows can be attributed to resistance to weather influences, as well as high heat and sound insulation performance. This is especially important to protect the interior of the interior of historic buildings on external factors “- adds Minullin Lev, head of advancement Group propleks.

Stylish And Modern Metal Doors

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Elite stylish metal doors serve as a device for locking. But they, of course, and in some ways your business card. To determine who lives in the apartment, you can simply look at the metal door. The door will tell about their owners. Because she must be attractive and stylish, as well as durable. And as far as possible blend in with the overall design of the outside and the interior of the domestic situation at home.

With proper professional approach to the selection of future doors for proper installation of its well-chosen elite steel doors decorate the room, emphasize certain details of the interior. The choice of steel doors today are very large. This can install tambour doors, fire doors with different finishes. Anyone pickiest buyer will find the door yourself, right in his value + quality. Who is not wearing his suitable design can design their own door. Manufacturer will adhere to your project.

The most expensive, stylish, modern door is generally accepted – the door to an array of the best wood. Their are made of fine wood. Such modern doors are called elite. This door is just pleasing to the eye. Wells Fargo is open to suggestions. What is a stylish modern door? Say, made on the basis of solid oak? Array of precious wood has a steel core, which is completely decorated in wood. The cost of such a stylish door depends on whether to apply for a solid piece of wood sheathing, or it was collected from the elements. Materials for such doors for their skin, are very numerous. Popular oak, mahogany, cherry, ash, beech, walnut and other species. Oak, for example, is beautiful and elegant in appearance over the years, does not tarnish, but instead becomes darker and juicier. Doors c forging and casting, too, belong to the elite door. They are very beautiful and elegant. The only thing I should add that this door is much heavier than normal doors. Before you buy or order a door, it is necessary to consult, and withstand a doorway a heavy door. Doors, natural wood look trimmed with expensive and beautiful. Their life will be very large if the manufacturer followed its technology and use high-quality raw materials. And these technologies – not simple. First, the board should be well drained. And the time for drying, rather long, from 3 years. After that, board is placed in a special vacuum apparatus at a time. This is to ensure that the pores out the air. Then the board is processed mechanically, and then impregnated with primer, paint. Classified necessarily lies varnishes, and in several layers. This will give the board surface gloss, and therefore your door. Luck for one and will cover mikroscheli. Behind the door with wood veneer to be looked after and cared. Nursing simple, but thorough. The door should be cleaned with an alcohol solution and polishing. Polishing can be a special polishing wax, which restores the freshness of the tree. Such metal doors recommended in combination with classic style in the interior. But the stylish and beautiful may not necessarily be only expensive door. And iron door of a class can be chosen so that she looked more expensive than it really costs. In principle, a simple painting can transform the look of a door where the painting was selected correctly. It all depends on the skill manufacturer and their skills.

Methods Of Drilling

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Drilling screw auger means – a steel pipe, which wound coil of steel tape. In appearance resembles a corkscrew auger or drill, which drills in the winter ice fishermen. Between a screw connected with thread, hexagon or shponok.Shnekovy method of drilling is to destroy the rocks due to the rotation of the drill. Broken ground up the spiral screw up and removed from the wells. More information is housed here: Ben Silbermann. The rise of rock in a spiral auger becomes possible due to the fact that the auger rotates faster than the breed. The frictional force on the rock removed the borehole wall more friction on the rock steel screw, so the breed does not rotate with the screw, and slide on it. Just as a nut, twirling on the bolt is moved along the axis of the bolt is removed rock is moved along the axis of the auger drilling vverh.Shnekovy method is best suited for drilling shallow wells in the loose and soft rocks. Way to screw drilled wells 30-50 m.

Drilling rotary When rotary drilling rock is destroyed with a rotating drill. Rotation of the drill is transmitted from the rotor, located at surface with the drill string. Rotary method allows you to drill wells with a diameter of 76 mm to 215 mm. When using drill bits of different diameter rotary method allows you to drill inside the casing. To consolidate borehole wall and to prevent from collapse, is lowered into the well casing, and further drilling is carried out smaller-diameter drill bit. Drilling weasel weasel way of drilling method is that rotating the drill in the form of a ring destroys the rock is not around the bottom section but only at the edges. Broken ground washed washing liquid which is injected into a column of drill pipe with a pump. Inside (Core) remains inside the tubes. Periodically core separates from the bottom and rise to the surface. Cable-tool method of drilling the simplest in terms of technology the way cable-tool drilling is that drill bit up on a rope over the slaughter and then released. The bit hits the bottom of the hole and destroy the rock, which is then removed with a bailer.

Popular Painting Materials

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

Want to upgrade housing? This is good and easy, but many may not agree with this expression. In the present small article I would like to communicate not at all about construction, but about key aspects of the selection coatings for the repair work. At present the market is full of unimaginable number of possible products of this kind, and often choose not easy. The choice of colors always depends on the purpose of work: whether paint the walls, ceiling or apply a special protective paint for the outside surface. Many firms and the ability of modern technology produce coating materials for various purposes finishing works (for example: postmark). Come on, should begin with the appearance, ie, the face of the building. Here it is necessary a special coating that performs simultaneously two functions: a decorative appearance and protection from the action of destructive factors.

For example rust-proof paint can protect metal products from rust. As a rule, painting the paint is carried on the year, ie Paint perennial: it once painted and forgotten. Price and characteristics of such materials of course directly depend on its composition, quality and proven coatings include from ten to sixteen different chemical components that give a beautiful appearance and protect the surface. When looking for such material does not need overlook the issue of safety: fire safety, the evaporation of harmful substances, such as the sun, etc. For interior decoration is also a long list of paints and coatings of different applications. In this issue should select paint materials, which allow "aired" surface, ie easy to miss the fresh air, without creating the film. So for example water-based paints.

They are also convenient in terms of design – can be to get almost any color. There are, of course, and its nuances in the paint: surface, painted the paint is easily contaminated, and do not have a glossy glow. It should be noted that nowadays there are various materials for various internal works: special paint for the walls, another for wood, etc. You should not lose sight of the issue of enforcement of building structures, which is located inside the premises, for example: wood preservatives help protect wooden objects from decay and harmful effects of moisture. Towards the end it should be noted that the choice of a cover is necessary to consult with professionals of this or questions.

Repair And Decoration Of Apartments

Monday, September 30th, 2019

So we continue our series of informational articles on repair and decoration. This cycle is intended: 1. For those who wants to control the quality of work performed by the Contractor. 2. Who wants to carry out repairs Apartments St Petersburg itself. . Independently perform the work is not recommended for the following reasons: a) to perform quality repairs of apartments St Petersburg – requires some experience and skills. b) the breach or ignorance of the technology works will lead to marriage. Therefore it is better to entrust the work to repair and furnish his apartment (office, shop problem, etc.) professionals who have the appropriate license or certificate appropriate sro.

Now we consider the so-called dirty finish – as a stage before final finishing. Rough finish Apartments Petersburg. Consider a rough finish on the two types of rooms individually – new premises and the old premises. Rough finish for new premises. Rough finish in the new premises is made in several stages. Conclusion on the need for these or other stages of work on the basis of competent site survey, as we wrote in our respective section (How to take the flat from the builders).

Stages and types of work on the rough finish of the new premises: 1.Vyravnivanie ceilings. 2.Giprpochnye work on the ceiling. 3.Vyravnivanie walls. 4.Giprochnye work on the walls. 5.Vyravnivanie sexes. 6.Ustroystvo various podiums and hidden recesses in the floor. These works are carried out precisely in the sequence as listed. 1.Vyravnivanie ceilings. If ceiling has no deviations from the horizon – enough to align the irregularities under the rule of conventional plasters. While adjusting the ceiling should be carefully monitored the quality of work that variations in the surface were within acceptable limits. Before starting the work to the ceiling surface thoroughly dedusted and primed. If the ceiling has a significant deviation from the horizon – there are two option to equalize the ceiling: 1.1. to align the ceiling under the rule without removing it from the horizon and keeping a slight overall bias ceiling (makes sense for slopes up to 2 cm in 3m length). 1.2. perform sewing gypsum plasterboard ceiling (if the ceiling has a slope of more than 2 cm in 3m lengths – in our new buildings, and sometimes is). Giprochnye work on the ceiling can not be implemented in one level, and in 2-D and 3 levels (depending on the height of the ceiling in the rooms). On levels ceiling or on the drawing, you can decide on their own, or bring to address this issue the designer. Performing work best left to professionals with appropriate qualifications.

Metal Cabins

Monday, March 18th, 2013

In our town a good demand dishes into small spaces. For these purposes, local businessmen buy the metal cabins, cottages cabins cabins Watching how crowds formed around these bistros on wheels, I had the idea to open my trailer and put it in the area where I live. Benefit of this niche is not yet fully occupied. Having talked about this topic with a friend Genk, I decided invite him to become my partner in this business. My friend agreed with pleasure to such kind of proposal. Besides, both of us by this time accumulated some capital, which requires a rational investment.

We started finding a suitable room on wheels. We bought a local newspaper with the ads. "Caravans for sale 'appeared in four ads. We have ring up sales. Two ads at once disappeared, since the conditions of the sale to us seemed doubtful. For the remaining two decided to meet and look good 'face'.

In general, the chosen one trailer dealer on the price priority. In my area there is a small factory for the production of automotive parts. Negotiate with the bosses of the plant so-called lease of the territory, we have received from them 'good'. This is a place for opening seemed to us best to sell our pies. Why? Potential buyers passers-by will be enough. Amounting to simple business plan, estimate the approximate income. Estimated amount of revenue is already too big. And although the costs are also planned rather big, but it was obvious quick payback. Became clear that the idea is very good. And the profit was to be decent. Left to buy food, bring trailer to normal form and hire someone to work in it. All the expenses we have a partner, decided to divide into halves, respectively, and profits also was divided into two pockets. So less confusion. A month later, our office container successfully stood on the spot. A plaque was visible on her 'Hot pies'.