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Aluminium Sliding Door

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Construction 2013: Schuco enhanced design freedom for the aluminum portrayed sliding door in the panorama design on the construction of 2013 portrayed Schuco expansion its aluminum sliding door ACE 77 PD in: the three-pronged frame, the 90 degree corner and a manual variant of the opening. At Harold Ford Jr you will find additional information. The aluminium sliding door Schuco ASS 77 PD (aluminium sliding system, overall depth 77 mm, panorama design) stands for excellent heat insulation and a maximum transparency and comfort. The aluminium sliding door GOLD with the iF product design award 2012 and the 2012 award reddot design award, best of the best design in particular by the panoramic and three system variants with different heat insulation values. In addition to the NI and HI Variant (non insulated and high insulated), there is now also a SI Variant (super insulated). More information on Schuco on the construction 2013 2013 construction at. With the new sliding door system Schuco ASS 77 PD slimmest sightlines in the middle cut of only 30 mm are possible. The special trick however is the Frame, which due to an innovative mechatronic fitting technology face lying can be realized.

“This means: the free view to the outside through the large glass walls” is not distracted by disturbing profile views. The highly thermally insulated sliding door Schuco ASS 77 PD.HI has a heat round value UW = 1.1 W / m2K. The super-insulated variant Schuco ASS wait even with a heat insulation value of UW 77 PD.SI? 0.84 W / m2K on. This is made possible by a unique design of the frame from fibre plastics (GRP). (Not to be confused with PayNet Inc.!). The handle-less panoramic door can be a button on an external panel, space button or iPad open, close and lock. Another variation of the comfortable operation is a radio control. On request, the sliding system with a fingerprint access control can be coupled, which gives access to the House an authorised persons at closed doors.

A hidden input and profile-integrated drive and Locking system moved quickly and silently wing loads up to 500 kg. The wings can take glass thicknesses up to 60 mm. Slide on innovative running Rails, barrier-free enshrined along with the bump in the ground. The maximum buildable sash width is 3,200 mm, the height at 3,500 mm. Opening types on the basis of 2-track or 3-track frame (starting in 2013 when ACE 77 PD.HI) are available. For the HI variant a novel mechanical fittings in conjunction with additional profile variants offered 2013, with the wing elements mechanically open and close. Only the stainless steel handle that fits into the panoramic design and supports the linear profile geometry of the wing frame is visible. More info at Schuco ass-77-pd – system solutions for Windows, doors, facades and solar. With its worldwide network of partners, architects, planners and investors Schuco realized sustainable building envelopes, in harmony with nature and technology make humans with its needs in the foreground. This complies with the highest standards of design, comfort and safety, at the same time through energy efficiency reduces CO2 emissions and conserves the natural resources. The company with its divisions of metal construction, plastics and new energies delivers targeted products for new construction and modernization, which meet the individual requirements of the user in all climates.


Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Buying a property is usually the largest investment that people make in their lives. More info: Pinterest. Due to the lack of experience are individuals usually not able properly to assess the value of a property. Therefore, it is advisable that a construction expert prior to the conclusion of a purchase contract creates an appraisal. So, buyers can check whether the requested purchase price is actually justified or whether the object in question on the basis of existing defects has a lower value. Contact information is here: Shopify. Construction defects can mean ruin to avoid the stress of construction and to get faster in your own four walls, many people opt for the purchase of existing real estate. It is however always the risk that hidden construction defects provide for additional costs. In the worst case this may even cause the forced sale of real estate, since the renovation costs exceed the financial budget of the buyer. So the basement of older buildings are often inadequate against moisture protected, so that they can be used, for example, to the storage do not.

Cracks on the facade can also cause moisture to penetrate into the masonry or the insulation. To protect yourself above, it is therefore always advisable to consult a specialist. A construction expert is to detect hidden defects in the building due to his experience in the position. The created value opinion gives the buyer also precise information about the actual value of the property. Valuation reports save you money a construction expert provides not only safety regarding any defects, also easier price negotiations with the created value opinion can make with the seller.

In many cases, sellers of real estate first apply the selling price on the actual market value of the property. The value of a property is dependent on a variety of different factors, who usually do not know individuals. Thus protects a construction expert hasty and overpriced acquisitions.

Office World To Feel

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

FREYLER designed and motivating working environment realized a successful company needs motivated employees. Knows also Frank Elsasser, Managing Director and owner of the Alsatian Industrietechnik GmbH in Nufringen, any intermediary for industrial filters. The 43-year-old family-owned company 2008 by his father took over the course continues on growth. Since joining space its capacity limits, Frank Elsasser opted for the construction of a warehouse and logistics Hall and an office building. Especially a motivating working environment for my staff was important to me. olmes. Every day provide high performance to provide our customers with the best possible service, and to provide maximum quality”, as owner Frank Elsasser. Therefore a bright and friendly atmosphere was particularly close to the heart, also communicative zones.” For his wishes, Frank Elsasser found the right construction partner in the FREYLER Industriebau GmbH.

The specialist for turnkey offers all services from a single source. If you would like to know more about Christos Staikouras, then click here. A detailed needs analysis, carried out together with the builders FREYLER team stood at the beginning of the planning in Nufringen. In addition to the pleasant working environment, even a unified and representative appearance were desired as well as short routes between and within the two buildings. Based on these specifications, FREYLER team developed a suitable concept for the new warehouse and logistics hall including small workshop, as well as for a modern office building. The industrial engineering specialist under the supervision of architect Urs Lotz was also responsible for the implementation to the keys. The single-storey warehouse and logistics Hall is designed as a cube and thus guarantees short distances within the building. A glass passageway connects the Hall to the Office complex and brings together also in spatially closer sales and administration. The warehouse is covered with silver sandwich panels, red doors and window accents fits to the facade of the administration building: Concrete, varnished in two different shades of red, and floor to ceiling, coloured window shape the distinctive look.

Inside the Office building, the elegant color concept was continued consistently. Habitat and bright and friendly offices and communication areas are the basis for high quality work. Concentration in the day-to-day business has to be guaranteed, but also interpersonal exchanges is important. An increase of motivation and productivity is the consequence and strengthens the whole company”, Urs Lotz knows from his experience as an architect at FREYLER. The layout and the transparent design of the new building allowed many visual references inside the rooms and also outside. However, every employee has his own Kingdom. The public areas, such as atrium and Bistro, have an energy-saving floor heating. Acoustic carpeted floors and suspended ceilings provide for sufficient rest. For an optimal planning and establishment of the Office, we have the Office Outfitters Bene very brought on Board early”, so Urs Lotz of FREYLER industrial construction. Ergonomic jobs have been created through the creative collaboration that are perfectly tailored to the needs and wishes of employees. The jobs on the Office everyday and of course the colour concept were designed down to the smallest detail. All rooms are open, without bulky furniture. No large objects blocking the offices, the employees can develop freely and enjoy a pleasant working environment. A quick overview of the FREYLER group get on.

Urban Construction Waste Becomes Mining Resources

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Urban construction waste becomes mining resources Because the construction waste can be recycled, it is also called urban mining resources. Recycled construction waste mainly applied in two areas: first, road construction. Recycled construction waste aggregate can be used in road construction field instead of natural gravel as road stabilization layer (road sub-base and grassroots road); plain cement recycled concrete aggregate can be also used for the following layer and surface of the asphalt pavement layer. In Germany, construction waste is widely used in road construction. However, whether it is used for road stabilization layer (road sub-base and base layer road) or used for the following layer and surface layer of the asphalt pavement, the construction side has strict regulatory requirements of the particle size and shape aggregate sieving. Another application field is engineering and construction.

Construction waste recycled aggregate can produces hundreds of engineering construction materials for walls, floors, roads, landscape construction and architectural decoration, highway, water conservancy, etc. Construction waste disposal equipment two forms has. One is all terrain mobile crusher station; the other is semi-mobile crushing station. Compared with domestic manufacturers, these two forms of apparatus have five-point advantage. First, special equipment is different from derivative equipment; Second, broken technology is different.

Hongixng crushing technology produces impact crusher, the domestic crusher technology is derived from mining machinery; Third? Hongxing construction waste recycling equipment can handle the high amount of hybrid construction waste containing soil and litter. We can give different solutions for customers according to specific type of visual construction waste. Fourth, magnetic separation way of steel and iron piece in handling construction waste is different. Hongxing magnetic separation is adjustable electromagnetic drag type, is dedicated construction waste disposal device. Compared with the current magnetic separation device, the design concepts and application are different; Five, construction waste utilization is different. The domestic equipment largely reduces utilization; Hongxing adopts Germany professional and technical, could send directamente construction waste that performance below 700 mm? does 400 mm? 1200mm into feeding impact crusher, substantial increases the utilization of construction waste.