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Reflections Aspiration

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

The hope is the emblematic attitude of those seeking a better life. Aspirations make an invisible division among those who have succumbed to the circumstances and, therefore, are no longer combat its impoverishment; and active agents (thoughts of hope) who struggle to create positive change for themselves and their families. These silent attitudes may challenge the inveterate patterns of inequality. In a recent study of 17 countries, Moving out of Poverty (the poverty output), this attitude of hope and autonomy that generated, distinguished those who managed to get out of the poverty of their neighbors who did not. However, hope, aspiration and empowerment are not the typical approach to development policy.

Indeed, incentives aimed at material aspirations can move these behavior patterns. Latin America has a series of disparate social traditions that support the aspiration, hope and empowerment, called empowerment literature. A perspective cultural, theologies of Liberation made awareness about situations of oppression and expressed solidarity with the lower classes (a source of hope); the transcendental working on pedagogy of Paolo Freire generated informal education and awareness among communities, and some recent movements have incorporated the cosmovision of indigenous peoples and other social groups. Do attitudes generated by these social traditions make it possible to the next generation to interact more effectively with opportunities ranging from microfinance and cash transfers conditioned to the entrepreneurial spirit and emigration? Will they create these opportunities an economic effect that makes disappear the inequality and that empower women? (do either: that is giving hope?) Regional 2010 human development report is a powerful study, because it raises a number of innovative and transversal questions about autonomy and aspiration, at the time that aims to unravel the catalysts of change (thoughts of hope) that have not been studied enough. This is very positive, because help satisfy longed hope for our peoples.