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Dog Training

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

This trio is the basis for good. Learning, thinking and feeling are one unit and are intertwined in many ways. Learning in learning is very clear that also play an important role in thinking and perceiving. It is easy to teach a game animal if it is rewarded with food. This is not only satisfy one of their most basic needs, hunger.

Just to satisfy hunger, animals and people are able to do almost anything. In principle it is this: the essential reason why people and animals learn new things is because they expect to receive a reward. And this reward can be something more than food. Intellectual pleasures also higher, as a complex mathematical process to understand or enjoy a concert piano, are related to a sensory state may be perceived as happy or exciting. A superior beings find it practically impossible to learn without involving in this sensitivity. YY think what happens with the fact thinking? We all know how much it costs us to concentrate on something if we are afraid.

Many times it is a sentiment so strong that not even let us think. And with animals is the same. Before you can do something need to lose the fear. There have been many scientific studies. In cases of severe stress increases the ability to scare and blocked both the mind and behavior patterns of the animal. Feel The man is not the only person who is happy when it gets to find the solution to a problem happens to animals as well. One of the preconditions that demand for an intelligence test for dogs is that the case of animals who are not afraid or are stressed. The dog's brain needs to learn and think. If you are given the opportunity, the animal becomes bored and can then download taking action undesirable, especially when young. You can chew the furniture and maybe even destroy them. Therefore, we must offer our pet many stimuli for learning and thinking, and see that it can develop all their sensory perception. In addition, we must stop frequently to play with other dogs. In dog training should not be underestimated one very important respect, the personality of each dog. Do not forget that if a dog training is difficult for it is necessary to put simpler tests.