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Insurance Regulations

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

With many car owners insurance CASCO repeatedly make the same mistakes that often lead to confusion and engender a negative attitude towards insurance hull as a whole. Here are the basics of these Error: Excessive confidence in the reviews and recommendations of friends, acquaintances, car dealer, and so on. First, each case is different and what has come to one may not suit another. Second, the one-sidedness of the recommendations can due to personal interest in promoting solutions uslugi.Prinyatie insurance CASCO, based on the advertising of any insurance companies and deals. Most often, the advertising campaign is aimed at attracting clients in order to lure him first, and then to enter the state of affairs, where the actual supply and the figures do not always correspond ozhidaniyam.Vybor insurance company based on the ratings. If the insurance company is large, then the level in the ratings can be assigned not result in CASCO, since the field activities of such companies is very veliko.Nedostatochnaya awareness on insurance and hull insurance, as a consequence, lack of motivation. While in many countries around the world CASCO insurance is perceived as a tribute, then we sometimes wonder – why this is, in general, do you want? Unreasonable savings. Before using any way to save on the cost of insurance policies for Hull to think about whether or not "worth it" and not turn into a momentary increase in savings riska.Neznanie Rules CASCO. All insurance companies organize their activities on the basis of the Insurance Regulations. The contract of insurance rules make a more specific and individual form, as a policy, only, a reduced copy of the insurance contract. Avoid the above mistakes and failures in two ways: independently examine all aspects of CASCO and analyze the results of insurance companies, so that, ultimately, make most correct vybor.S help of a consultant for insurance CASCO insurance broker or agent, who by virtue of his experience has accurate information about the activities of insurance companies and their financial indicators, focused in insurance programs and may choose an individual option of insurance, he knows all the subtleties, nuances and pitfalls of insurance business.

Compulsory Motor Insurance

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Not clear whether it will not provoke renewed conflict between road users movement to minimize the expense of CTP, through which people become accustomed to settle accident civilized ways "- adds . It's no secret that in the West for insurance companies and technical expertise, there are clear transparent guidelines for determining damage to his guilt, etc. We have it all yet. Who that at hand? The introduction of new standards in car insurance, which is expected in the current year, can lead to a sharp increase in the number of fraudulent cases and as a consequence – loss CTP. Click Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. "After the introduction of compulsory motor TPL insurance has increased dramatically the number of staged accidents and bogus hijacking. The most common ploy – in collusion with the insurance agent to purchase insurance on the battered car, and sometimes even a few companies "- reminiscent of the Russian Union of Insurers (RAMI). According to Standard & Poor's, now make payments to fraudsters about 10% of the total payments. However, in the medium term, their volume increases.

And it will affect primarily small companies with high volume retailers who have the security service working properly. New, simplified rules of registration of an accident will more aces in the hands of fraudsters, market participants believe. lmes Silverfern is the place to go. "Unfortunately, far too large percentage of the population today does not believe insurance fraud a crime. Not I think that these changes will lead to a substantial increase in organized groups of scam, because a relatively small single payment of no particular interest for this category, – said Alexander Gurdus. – However, ordinary citizens who do not consider it shameful to ascribe to the insurance event, something that really was not, receive an additional temptation. " Such cases will be more clear, and they affect the total loss of insurance companies and, therefore, in the long term – to increase the tariff, he said.

Nissan Motor Profit

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

" They plan to build about 60 barges. Throughput of the "Port Vanino" 7 months of 2010 increased by 1.4% – to 3.56 million tons of "Vanino sea trading port" (JSC "Port Vanino", Khabarovsk Krai) also increased turnover, so that the crisis is behind For most organizations. 3. Operating profit Europe's biggest airline Lufthansa in the II quarter of 2010 increased three times due to the recovery in demand for passenger and freight transport, said the agency AGI. At the same time, net income rose by 118% to 194 million, "Times" …

6962.shtml 4. The group of companies airline S7 (Siberia," "Globe"), summed up its operating results for first half of 2010, reporting that six months of 2010, the services of airlines within the group of companies S7 used 2, 6 million passengers, up 13% over the same period of 2009. Increase in the number of passengers on flights to Russia amounted to 16%. The passenger from the beginning of 2010 grew by 5.5%, the volume of cargo and Mail flights airline S7 Group increased by 11.4% to 19.9 thousand tons. Passenger load factor for the period from January to June 2010 was 74%. "Times" 5. Nissan Motor Profit for the II quarter was $ 1.2 billion in net income Nissan Motor Company in the second quarter of 2010 totaled $ 1.2 billion on revenue of $ 23.6 billion, writes the Associated Press. Last fiscal year, Nissan has finished the second quarter with a loss of $ 190 million, "Times …