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Psychoanalysis Thought

Sunday, May 28th, 2023

The ORIGINS OF the THOUGHT IN the THEORY OF the PASSIONS Pollyanna Paiva Saints of the Rocha* Summary What it means to think? Of where it comes the thought? Which would be the origins of our ideas and action? How functions the mind? Why we prefer such which thing? The pleasure is determinative in this preference? Searching reply to these investigations we could appeal the innumerable philosophers in different historical times in diverse boardings, however what this work considers it is to answer to these questions through a study on the different joints that passions as love, desejo and pleasure had suffered in modernity and that they attribute the origins of the thought to the sensations. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nissan. This will be made visiting the Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, in authors as T. Hobbes and E. Condillac, and S.Freud. Word-keys: thought, sensation, desire, pleasure Summary Which means thinking? Where you donate the thought? What ploughs the origins of our thoughts and actions? How you donate the mind? Why to prefer such that thing? The pleasure is decisive in this preference? Seeking answers you these questions could resort you numerous philosophers in different historic teamses in various approaches, but what this work proposes is you answer these questions through study on the different articulations that passions love, desire and pleasure suffered in modernity and that attach you the origins of thought the sensations. This will be done by visiting the philosophy and psychoanalysis, in authors the t. Hobbes and e. Condillac, and s. Freud. Keywords: thought, sensation, desire, pleasure the ORIGINS OF the THOUGHT IN the THEORY OF the PASSIONS Pollyanna Paiva Saints of the Rock Introduction Many philosophers had searched to answer the question: what it means to think? To the times agreeing, to the times not, with ideas ones of the others, as it is of custom to happen in the construction of any knowledge.

College Research

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

The duration of the research will understand the months of (March 2007 December 2007). It presents as objective main to take to the reader or professional of health a bigger knowledge on the Syndrome of the Panic, being helped the carrier of the pathology to surpass its difficulties and upheavals in its daily and as objective specific one to show the daily one of a human being with the Syndrome of the Panic, and to demonstrate the paper of the family in the conviviality with the carrier of the syndrome. The accomplishment of this research is excellent stops with the nursing, therefore to show that the syndrome is very frequent in all the population, however many cases are not diagnosed.

Thus this study it will go to make with that the professional can have ampler vision on the pathology, and know a little of as to deal with the patient in crisis. Valley to stand out that the participant of this research will have its anonymity guaranteed as well as will be respected physical, psychic, moral, intellectual, social, cultural the integrity and spiritual of the human being, being the indemnified interviewed one in any proximate damage or delayed, of form to prevent any harmful consequence as for the free expression of its opinions. We inform despite the risks that this research will be able to cause are the constant at the moment of the interview and to occupy the time of the interviewed one, for example, and the benefits mention it of this work redirecting it in case that it has necessity. The results of the research could be published in scientific events, articles, reviewed amongst others. At the moment where she will have necessity of clarifications of doubts or resistance in participating of the research, the responsible researchers can be found in the College of Technology and Sciences?