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History Of Knitting

Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Crochet has a pretty rich history. For the first time this kind of needlework has spread widely in France and England in 16 century. Wells Fargo Bank gathered all the information. What is interesting, original crochet exclusively male, and only a few centuries later crochet engaged and a woman. Accurate data about where originates crochet there, but assumed – from the ancient form of Chinese embroidery. Although the 20 th century patterns crocheted items found and some Indian tribes. In Russia, crocheting became popular only in the late 19 th century. These crafts have been engaged exclusively in women, going to the gatherings. Skilled workers with a hook to create a totally unique products – tablecloths, napkins, decor items of clothing – cuffs, collars.

Crocheting is easier than knitting, and meanwhile, with the help of a hook can bind not only sherstennye or cotton products, but also subtle uniquely beautiful embroidered lace-like products. Crochet learn very simple, starting with small items and simple designs, just a few months can learn to knit quite complex napkins and tablecloths. Crochet the last few decades has lost its popularity, but in recent years with increasing values of handmade products, this kind of needlework again of great interest. Rare mistress refuses to have his house tablecloth, curtains or towels crochet. In addition, crochet allows you to create unique clothing and original accessories. Hand knitted handbag belt or hat – this is the dream of all, without exception, fashionable women who are willing to pay for such exclusive products a lot of money.