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Chelyabinsk Restaurants

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

Valentine's Day is perfect for marriage proposals, and the newlyweds it promises a strong happy marriage under the patronage of St. Valentine. Valentine's Day tradition for restaurateurs promise to create a romantic and sensual atmosphere. If you can not imagine the holiday without a bright holiday, head to celebrate the 14 th of February in restaurants. Better to reserve a table in advance, preferably not even on the same day, and even earlier. If the soul needs (Or requires a second half), we should go to a restaurant. Fortunately, while there is still a choice. The luxurious restaurant Voice invites you to arrange for you and your other half a romantic candlelight dinner in the chamber atmosphere with great live music and delicious cuisine.

Special offer Valentine's Day – live oysters! Every fifth pair of lovers – the number of the hotel for free! Banquet manager: tel. 8-904-804-40-83. In "Penke," and "Tomato" Day Valentine's campaign – all bought in the gift dessert liqueur Kerolans. The restaurant-cafe-sushi 'Sushka' romantic atmosphere will create a subdued light, candles and, of course, presents: a pair of sensual love for each cocktail 'Bowl of Love' and sweet valentine. Love at HELIOPARK Smolino! In Valentine's Day we will help you express feelings for loved throbbing. For Valentine's special offer for 5000 rubles, accommodation in a room with a romantic LUX dinner, which will awaken feelings and create a special mood for an unforgettable night.

Trendy Clothes At Wholesale Prices

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

The Company Multi-Mart specializes in the wholesale of fashion brands and popular contemporary designers. As a mediator between the leading manufacturers and clothing stores, multi-Mart has established itself in market selling clothes in bulk, as a reliable partner, offering favorable conditions. In Russia and the CIS company officially represents more than 18 brands of fashion: D & G, Cavalli, Dsquared2, Armani, Main Aim, Navigare, Eric Hatton, Max Chernitsov and KokoGem Gallery, Doctor E, Taksa, Ki MONO, Li'Sa, Bitis, I Particolari and many others. Wholesale jeans for your store you can pick up and buy wholesale jeans brands such as: D & G, Cavalli, Dsquared2, Armani, Concuista, Max Chernitsov and KokoGem Gallery. The range of these brands are so attractive that the client of your store, do not want to even look at the competitors' products. Jersey wholesale You can also buy wholesale jersey for any style, taste and color from different manufacturers of women's and men's clothing: I Particolari, Immagine, Solo, Max Chernitsov and KokoGem Gallery, Main Aim, Linea Maglia Anchio, Doctor E, Li'Sa, Bitis, Concuista, Navigare, SokolovBogorodskaya.

You will no doubt find something that you will enjoy: a wide range of knitted jumpers, turtlenecks, dresses, colors for the most demanding taste. Clothing wholesale in a multi-Mart clothing represented virtually all directions and styles – ranging from fashion and avant-garde and ending with the classics and "sasual"! Women's Clothing Wholesale: classic suits, skirts, pants, dresses, women's sweaters, coats, jackets and jeans, as well as men's wholesale clothing: trousers, jackets, sweaters, shirts, coats, jackets and coats, business suits, classic shirts, formal trousers and jackets purchased from us will take a worthy place in the collection of your store. By acquiring the company Multi-Mart clothes wholesale, you do not just save and get discounts, and compose a unique collection, supplementing and combining the clothes from different manufacturers and designers. In the men's and women's clothing of Russian designers the latest fashion trends intertwined with modern fabrics and decorated with original furniture. A definite plus clothing – its exclusivity, as a commodity that is produced in small batches – 4-10 units. Individual approach to each the client company's multi-Mart allows buyers to obtain a flexible system of discounts, get the goods on the system of pre-orders for the next six months, the ability to defer payment, to provide assistance in the delivery and payment for goods and much more. Once purchased there are no restrictions on models, colors and size grids.