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Mark Mobius

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

The risk that arises in this sense is linked to the decision to incorporate an excessive portion of the Chinese currency within the composition of the reserves and bet on a currency that does not respond to market forces and that despite being backed by an economy growing strong, maintains several elements of fragility. Considering the importance of China as a seeker of materials raw and thinking for the future, not a few who see the dollar losing prominence in trade in raw materials and to the yuan as one of the currencies that will participate in the trade of commodities in the future. In fact, the Chinese Government had raised the idea that the dollar be replaced as the global reserve unit in March. To Mark Mobius, who manages Emerging Markets Group of Templeton Asset Management: Yes, raw materials could be denominated in other currencies. This is already beginning. Fund managers support the yuan to denote the price of raw materials because, as mentioned, China is the world’s largest consumer of them. The yuan looks between the currencies global, that cannot be denied.

But china’s currency can collect real prominence as an international currency, it must be negotiable possibility freely, which currently does not seem to be on the minds of china’s rulers. The importance of sustaining a competitive exchange rate to benefit exports for its growth, (where United States appears as one of the main destinations), maintains the desire to continue with the intervention in the foreign exchange market to prevent the natural appreciation of the Chinese currency. And when it reaches the stage of liberalization of the negotiation of the Chinese currency (to be produced by an interest of China and not the U.S. pressures to make this happen), we should not imagine that this will happen without the maintenance of some degree of intervention. Such liberalization will be clearly and predictably gradual.

Professional Association

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

For some time I was working in the Ministry of labour of my country (Peru), performing advisory for people looking for employment. The program was called Superate and was a proposal to decrease unemployment. People with more than 06 months unemployed are freshmen and were evaluated, subject to talks on employability and business management. Following others in the talks and employability consultants, other officials I found back then developed its work focusing on the curriculum vitae and interview. Up to be had a video showing where developing an interview type, indicating that it should be and which not. As Knight said. However, they all had clear was that: If a person to State looking for employment by more than 06 months and has not been able to find, it is not possible that with talks and recommendations of specialists, you can find it in the coming months 06 and finish the year working. With us or against us there is a story about the Bay of pigs (Cuba).

As the group responsible for developing the strategy of invasion by the U.S. marines, they had made body of group and they had focused only on the use of weapons which had by omitting the moment that was lived. Even one of the members gave the voice of alert before this error, but… You know, the pressure of the team. A Penguin in the world of gulls this demonstrated that the way more quickly and effectively to find employment, no is replying to notices in newspapers, nor in the Internet, and least by sending your resume in an indiscriminate way to each company that is put in front.

The truth is that the best way is going down the path of the network of contacts. You are not a hermit. With support from statistics and validated with people who were freshmen in the program which involved, it was discovered that more than 85% had found work through any friendship or recommendation of someone close. However do as say that management its network of? contacts? Your friend is your best enemy first developed a process of knowledge of people (SWOT) and after the presentation of the various mechanisms for Marketearse in the market. The network of contacts (some call it the network of influence), also mentioned, but it was not understood more well it looked like something obvious. But people are not obvious people, we are emotional beings. The teller of this drama of an act ended that, the program only advisers should give general guidelines. They are interested parties who must choose which to use. This only developed a circle Vice: not found employment, and now with some theoretical concepts you already knew they wouldn’t find. The result was that the majority ended up in additional generation of small business workshops. And you like manages your network of contacts?To not leave with honey on the lips, he commented that the best way to manage a network of contact is to avoid isolation. If, when a person seeks employment, tends to be a kind of hermit for their colleagues (shame for being unemployed!!!), or avoids the issue openly. (I’m doing independent consulting work). Attend professional meetings, keep the link with people who share your specialty, become partner of the Professional Association, voluntarily participate in activities of their specialty… We are going is simple first step Lic. Ricardo Candela houses web of the author: original author and source of the article.