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Power Station

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

The power station played of titling before the albiceleste, that won by 1-0. The selector Caesar Farias is enchanted with his participation. Son of Basoues, was born in the Venezuelan locality of Cantaura. The player of the Athletic of Bilbao Fernando Amorebieta made debut east Friday with Venezuela in a friendly one in front of Argentina in India (0-1), after a year of conjectures on the convenience of which the power station played in the set " vinotinto". Amorebieta left in the eleven to title of Caesar Faras being shone number 3 and rather had a discreet participation in the defeat of its equipment against the albiceleste thanks to a solitary goal of the Argentine power station Otamendi in the second part. The first intervention of dnsa Bilbao went a lack to Messi in the frontal from its area to the five minutes of game, but it practically happened inadvertent during the rest of the encounter in spite of the harassment of the Argentineans in some phases of the party. In its personal account of Twitter, Amorebieta already made clear the past 27 of August that did &quot to him; much illusion to be able to play with seleccin" Venezuelan and showed that she would demonstrate his " compromiso".

" We are pleased contentments and of which it is playing with seleccin" , the Venezuelan selector assured by telephone hours before the encounter, Caesar Faras. Amorebieta, son of Basoues, were born in the Venezuelan locality of Cantaura, but to both years it happened to reside in the Vizcaya locality of Iurreta. With his debut, the player of the Athletic, that got to play in categories inferiors of the Spanish selection, gives by closed the debate. It has been possible partly due to the exit of the Bilbao club of the technician Joaquin Caparrs, who had been in opposition to the participation of Amorebieta with Venezuela. " It is a decision that I take thinking long ago and I am convinced of her. Before I have not been able to take it by circumstances and now that the club lets to me decide I have taken it. I am with much illusion and desire of jugar" , it had explained Amorebieta the past Sunday. Source of the news: Fernando Amorebieta makes debut with Venezuela with defeat before Argentina

Germany Vetoes The Bilateral Pacts With Greece On The Rescue

Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Each solution for the crisis of the Euro and the sovereign debt finds a new problem. Or several. The agreement on the second plan of financial rescue of Greece and the extension of the stabilization bottom found soon but that it untied the wrath of the markets: it did not enter in force immediately, had to be ratified by the national Parliaments. Now another one arises. A related site: Robert Kiyosaki mentions similar findings. The text of the pact allows bilateral agreements in which rescued countries – Greece is read give guarantees to the rescatadores. Finland is profiteer. Helsinki obtained a commitment with Athens the past week. This has irritated Germany that it yesterday noticed through spokesman of the Government, Steffen Seibert, of which these agreements do not have " to become to the detriment of dems" and that will only be valid if they count on plcet of the partners of the zone Euro. Source of the news: : Germany vetoes the bilateral pacts with Greece on the rescue.

Three Spaniards Surpass

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

EP Swiss lowers to Feliciano Lopez in the first round the Grand French Slam. Djokovic makes debut with good sensations before Of Bakker. Nuria Llagostera, Albert Ramos and Marcel Granollers are classified. The Serb Novak Djokovic and Swiss Roger Federer confirmed the prognoses and they were classified for second round in Roland Garros, second ' grande' of the year, in an irregular day for ' Armada' , with the victories of Marcel Granollers, Albert Ramos and Nuria Llagostera and the defeats of Feliciano Lopez, Lourdes Domnguez and Javier Mart. Number two of the world initiated the search of its first title in the Bois de Boulogne with a comfortable victory before the Dutch Thiemo de Bakker, whereas Federer lowered to Feliciano Lopez in a party in which the inhabitant of La Mancha did not have any option. The one of Belgrade, that will fight in the Parisian Earth to snatch number one of the world to Rafa Nadal, conquered his 38 victory of the 40 year and consecutive when surpassing to the Dutch one by 6-2, 6-1 and 6-3. The Serb, unconquered east course with seven titles, abri the party with a breakage in the second game and little by little was imposing its superiority to close the sleeve to the rest. Both following partisans continued with the same tonic, early advantage of Djokovic and Bakker without ideas to try to overcome. Thus, the champion of the Abierto one of Australia only had to take advantage of his occasions to seal his happens to the second round in which Victor Hanescu will be moderate with the Rumanian, finalist in winning Nize in four sets before the French Benoit Paire 7-5 4-6 6-1 7-6 (4) On the other hand, Roger Federer, champion in the 2009 edition, folded to the toledano by 6-3, 6-4 and 7-6 (3) in a party in which he took advantage of the errors nonforced ' Feli' in order to mention itself Especially in the next round with the premises Teixeira.