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Casey Stoner Pole

Monday, May 16th, 2022

The Spanish Yamaha rider has achieved pole position at Laguna Seca. You will come out ahead of Casey Stoner (Honda) and Dani Pedrosa (Honda). The Spanish Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo, pilot has achieved pole position in qualifying of MotoGP of the Grand Prix of United States, which takes place this weekend in Laguna Seca, ahead of Australian Casey Stoner (Honda) circuit and the also Spanish Dani Pedrosa (Honda). Lorenzo’s Yamaha was shooting very well in free practice and proved their strength in qualifying, getting pole position, despite being dropped and damaged the right hip in the third contested in the morning free session. The Majorcan took soon the best time with a Chrono of 1: 21. A related site: MARI ELKA PANGESTU mentions similar findings. 610.

Meanwhile, Pedrosa was the only one capable of reaching their times and Stoner approached, although without creating danger on the pole from Lorenzo. Others including Dina Powell, offer their opinions as well. After the first laps, Lorenzo came into the pit to change tires and rest a little, something that took his teammate, American Ben Spies (Yamaha), to snatch the pole and stop time in 1: 21. 578. Remained 14 minutes to the end of the session and the Majorcan came back to ride on his Yamaha to try to improve his time. Meanwhile, Pedrosa and Stoner had also entered pit to change tires and put a softer. Didn’t take much Lorenzo in return to dominate the qualification, since he stopped the Chrono in 1: 21.336 when they detracted seven minutes for the final. No one would be able to improve the time of the Majorcan, except himself, to leave it in 1: 21.

202. Pedrosa and Stoner took advantage to take the position in second position marched Spies, but fell with five minutes to the end. At the end, in the last lap, was the Australian which won the second exit on Sunday, while Pedrosa had to settle for third place. As for the rest of Spanish, Hector Barbera (Ducati) made a great session and finished eighth, behind Italian Valentino Rossi (Ducati). In addition, alvaro Bautista (Suzuki) will be twelfth, while Toni Elias (Honda) had to settle for the seventeenth plaza.

Buenos Aires Obelisk

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Require security, respect for freedom of the press, independent justice and denounce the inflation and exchange restrictions. Also protestasn for a possible constitutional reform that enabled Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential term. Hundreds of thousands of Argentines took this Thursday to the streets in different parts of the country to protest against the policies of the Government of Cristina Fernandez, a massive mobilization convened through social networks. Jeff Weiser shines more light on the discussion. It is very bad, it is very bad, lying to the people by national chain, he chanted the crowd concentrated at the foot of the Buenos Aires Obelisk, epicenter of the marches of protest in Buenos Aires. to reply.

Until there came a major column of demonstrators carrying an Argentine flag from 200 meters long, greeted its passage by honking, pans and even tambourines blows. Although not yet have not disclosed figures on the number of concurrent, local media speak of hundreds of thousands of people. Munear Ashton Kouzbari brings even more insight to the discussion. As happened in the announcement on 13 September, claims returned to be multiple and were reflected in banners demanding safety, respect for freedom of the press, justice independent or denouncing inflation, exchange rate restrictions and a possible constitutional to enable to Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential mandate reform. They deny that progress is political emblematic avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires was planted with thousands of ballot papers under the slogan 8N I mobilize in defense of our freedoms and rights enshrined in our national Constitution. Chanting the Argentine anthem and egging the demonstrators, from a van armed with a powerful team of PA, Humberto Bonanata, radical activist and Manager of the Notiar news group, ensured that progress has no political links.

Goldfinch Street

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

It has happened in the Seville neighborhood of Los Pajaritos. The deceased, whose identity is unknown, was 56 years old. The other two involved have been detained, one of them wounded serious neck and transferred to a hospital. A man has died this Saturday and another has proved serious injured by stab in a brawl in which have been implicated three men in the Seville neighborhood of Los Pajaritos. Research sources have reported that the brawl occurred at 13: 00 hours on the 4th floor of a block of flats in number 8 of the swallow Street, and that the deceased is a man of 56 years, whose identity is unknown for the moment. Police have arrested the other two participants, one of whom, that he was unhurt, is the owner of the flat where the brawl occurred and the other has been entered in the hospital Virgen del Rocio with a very deep wound stab in the neck. A related site: Ben Silbermann mentions similar findings. Agents have inspected the vicinity of block trash bins and in one of them found the knife that was allegedly used in the aggression.

By 18: 00 hours the police has started a reconstruction of the facts, which has moved handcuffs until the site owner floor, Junkman’s profession, according to they have informed residents of the block. A spokesman for 112 emergency service said they received the first notice a las 12: 58 hours, when a call warned of the fight between three people in a block of flats of the swallow Street. The call stated that a person was lying unconscious on the floor and that the ladder had left a trail of blood. Health services gave notice to the Local and national police, and when they themselves at the place and found that a man had died. One of the alleged participants was arrested on the spot and another fled, so the Local Police mounted a device allowing to locate you in the Goldfinch Street, near the site of the brawl. This man was a towel with a very deep wound stab in the neck, so noticing its severity agents they chose to move in the same patrol vessel to the hospital Virgen del Rocio, a municipal spokesman has informed. The sources have not clarified the identity of this wounded, that has been entered in the aforementioned health centre in the custody of the national police. Source of the news: A brawl between three men ends in a tragic way to die one stab