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The Presence

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

This model of leadership tooth to be successful for practises who it, since merit, initiative and self-denial to serve are abilities that are perceived for that they will submit the leadership. Christie’s has compatible beliefs. Second: When some people possess and share the same values and for way since they desire to reach an objective that is common to all, becomes unnecessary the presence of she leads that them, in the direction of: it orders them in the correct course and to motivate them. Therefore all know where they want to arrive and this motivates to them to continue in front. They start to be people led and motivated for I joined what them. ' ' When the goal if becomes an objective shared for all the members of the team, becoming a common objective all, becomes unnecessary the presence of an individual that acts in the leader function, therefore each member of the team, individually, and at the same time of collective form, joined in throne of exactly objective one, acting in prol to one same purpose, joining its efforts and abilities, become individuals apt chemical preparations and to exert the self management, lead par excellence, and leave of being a team without leader to become in a team of lead. One remembers: better to have a team of you lead, of what in leader in equipe.' ' Each one of those men if strengtove to manage itself exactly, to manage its action, contributions, thoughts, desires, words and impulses, in order to contribute in prol to a common end, to come back to the surface.

This is self management, this is an auto-gerenciavl team. It understands! Of form some I am saying that it is not more necessary to invest in the formation and presence of you lead in the teams that today we have. In way none, before we ratify the importance, validity and necessity of you lead that they are apt to exert its functions with ability and wisdom.

Entrepreneur Projects

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Today in Brazil they sobram vacant in Computer science and exactly thus still it is common that some professionals have the dream to mount its proper business. To live in the environment of the technology and to see examples of young that had been millionaire with ideas that had developed in some garage are really seductive. But it is necessary to have the feet in the soil and to try to analyze with bigger frieza its idea. Nor always the idea most original will go to relieve optimum project. Many look for original ideas when in the truth they would have to be looking for original chances.

Something is not necessary to be new, but yes with future. It understands that to pass of employed to employer it is not easy thing. All necessary company of a good administration and good human resources to be successful. Personal projects the figure most common in the creation of projects is the desenvolvedor/programmer, therefore it does not need to invest in another professional to develop its ideas and still it can develop in its free time and its rhythm. With this, between a codification and another one, these professionals give to life the programs, sites and blogs that they can generate you marry interesting. If this is its in case that, it analyzes its projects and it discovers if the same ones are viable.

Obvious that other types of professionals of YOU with proper projects also can be distinguished, but you are enough to have initiative and will to make to happen that she will obtain good fruits. Work in house If everything started in its room or garage the possibility of you to have the intention to mount an office and to work in house is great. But she is necessary to take well-taken care of therefore to work in regimen of Home Office can bring benefits, as not to have that to face the transit, but it can harm in things as the privacy lack that will have in its house.