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Anti-Theft System For Business

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

System to protect the countryside and its properties, SPA is the first to work in the outdoors does not need power. It uses sensors and sensor-traps to detect people and situations of risk to the farm. It is a wireless installation, requires no work or pipes. The set consists of an electronic unit, various sensors and sensor-trap and a three optional actuator if necessary to activate an audible alarm or bright deterrent. Among all can become 50 per installation. The radius of coverage that covers can reach 150 meters. between each sensor and the electronics.

The remote communication is done via the mobile with the use of a SIM card from any telephone, which is inserted into the electronic unit from the outside and allows warnings to the phone programmed. Its energy management allows daily alarms for one year. No power, working outdoors and telephones Most part of conventional security systems consume much power and are not prepared for the weather. The more advanced need enough milliamps to operate, but the SPA technology (), which is unique in the world, can work with very few microamps. Sensors-trap detection of persons The SPA works in the field. Get detect and catch a person in any outdoor location using the logic: if stealing must pass through a road, close to a machine, system or processor pivot; enter a room, house or store, open a door, etc. Sensors Warn risk situations where an animal out of an enclosure, when the water level is low or too high, when a place is flooded, if a power failure, if the bombs stop, if for irrigation system , or any other application without electricity. The various components may lie hidden in a bush, a tree embedded in a post on a machine or Pivot Systems within an electrical box next to a wall, buried, etc., in many different ways, giving a high degree of effectiveness.