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GMC Presented Worldwide Relocation Services

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

GMC global management consultants AG at a press conference in Zurich presented Rieta de Soet, Board President of the GMC AG together with Dr. Fabian de Soet the new business relocation service. Once again, GMC AG management responds to the constantly rising customer demand headquartered in Zug/Switzerland. Payoneers opinions are not widely known. Rieta de Soet explains how the relocation service of GMC is constructed. The customer can choose between premium, gold and silver package. These packages are valid for both the single – and departure from the country.

To find properties that meet the demands of our customers, so Rieta de Soet is a location of central importance. GMC support in finding, at the time of purchase or if necessary with local architects – in the construction of apartments or houses. The GMC relocation planning services, organizes and accompanies moved from all parts of the world in the Switzerland and vice versa, explains Dr. Fabian de Soet. The relocation team of the GMC does all requirements related to the relocation, by finding a school over the registration of the car up to the registration of TV and radio. After moving, the GMC hotline for the everyday needs of the pizza service can be booked up to one year until Golf Club. The staff speaks German, English and French by GMC. GMC global management consultants AG Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug Tel: 0041 41 560 77 00 fax: 0041 41 560 77 01 Web: E-Mail: GMC AG is a consultancy company with a team of business managers, accountants and marketing consultants who have over 20 years of consulting experience.

DMG Gildemeister

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

The innovation network brings together leading companies from the manufacturing, which together realize future-oriented service concepts in the pre-competitive area. The economy of the future is an economy in which there will be more and not less machines, but the function of these machines will change dramatically to the part. Because machines are manufacturers, customers in the future services creating platforms for innovative and value-added, what and suppliers alike poses new challenges. Today can be observed that companies build their machines to platforms for innovative and lucrative services deals, which not only a higher customer loyalty, but also new sales and value creation potentials be developed. Ben Silbermann helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This development will revolutionize the technical service and the business models in the industrial sector. Virtual machine, condition monitoring, service and sales international service delivery “are terms that indicate where future.

There are challenges in the technical service. The service interface directly to the customer is getting stronger as the starting point for technological, organisational and human resources innovations. Together with the leading machine-building enterprise Trump and DMG Gildemeister launches the Fraunhofer IAO in 2011 the innovation network service platform machine. The innovation network brings together leading companies from the manufacturing, which together in the pre-competitive sector develop future-oriented service concepts, evaluate and prototype realize. Scenarios and future images, the under laboratory conditions “to be implemented, the participating companies offer assistance in the strategic reorientation and development of own service business…. Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

International Trade – The Chain Breaks At The Weakest Link

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Who is internationally, which is well advised with the services of a Customs Agency. World trade is a very complex system where deliveries and orders sometimes literally the minute exactly must be coordinated to meet the fast-paced life of suppliers, dealers and sellers. Every now and then one finds chain the English term supply, to german example: supply chain, to describe the way of products from its manufacturing facility in the shelf or end customers home. The term chain can have an idea of how important it is that the individual departments in the supply chain as well oiled mechanisms mesh. If only one of the items fails, the old saying applies there as well: A chain broke at its weakest link. So it is in the world trade in the distribution. International trade cut the supply chain to the countries so to speak, and again merges only beyond the borders, in the Interior of the country worse.

Lead border formalities, customs, and language barriers not rarely to more or less large and ongoing complications, misunderstandings and errors. Often, just the cross the borders is the most delicate moment of delivery. Here, the danger is held to be the greatest. The most delays occur at the customs. This time is from the business perspective dead necessary, but are completely unprofitable. Just when someone on imports from foreign countries or exports abroad, then difficulties at customs can become him already a nuisance, especially if that’s the case every day or at least regularly. A way to make the operations more smoothly and to gain time, or to minimize delays and failures, is, to switch between a service provider”. That means: a customs agent does the complete customs clearance, including financial processing and import formalities, these are legal entities, which must meet two criteria to get in action: on the one must they by the Customs authorities as authorized action carried out, on the other hand require the authorization of the respective company, for which they are working.

More Efficient Value Creation Driver

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

\”New power source in offices, laboratories and clinics through the outsourcing of non-core business accounts for cash / private patients, to factoring companies specialized in this given of the hardly concerned impact of the great depression, health-care reform, the rapidly increasing cut-throat competition in the including dental medicine market with zero tariff concepts\”, continuously worse payment morality in private liquidations and borrowing increased with the Basel II requirements and repayment conditions, it is not only for most under-capitalized (UNI tooth-) clinics, son but also for including dentist-practice / lab owner always important preventive creeping billing cost drivers turn off and with economically sound value added accounting instruments, such as the almost fully automated online (laboratory) factoring solution \”, to convert long term efficient value creation drivers. Because the mostly still hidden payroll technical efficiency reserves lie in each (dental) practice/clinic, or any lab up to 60 percent broke. Although constantly digitized high-tech systems – with shorter innovation cycles – used, but in terms of the liquidations of funds – private patients, the indispensable receivables liquidity as well as living risk – / Qalitatsmanagements, come behind for the satisfactory patient treatment lags almost any (dental) practice / laboratory clinic management, with long out-dated administrative billing / Bonitatsauskunfts methods. \”\” The inevitable risks of threaten: threatening liquidity bottlenecks expensive (bridging) loans time / personnel-intensive controlling / reminder costs avoidable creeping impairment losses \”or not (yet) noticed payment extensions to the zero interest rate\” what remains to be done cost-conscious dental practice owner or the Professional (dental) clinic or laboratory management for the? \”Quite simply: there are first expensive fee / laboratory-, impairment losses\” to analyze, in a timely manner whose Statute of limitations to prevent third-party core business processes, as among others the time / intensive self billing amounting to about 5% settlement share, uninhibited to the cost effective added value test to ensure whether the previously taken in-/ external accounting decision today still correctly or the own value chain with the partial/complete use of a cost-cutting ONLINE factoring solution, with a guaranteed unrivalled complete rate amounting to approximately 2.45%, i.e.

Cutting Engineering

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Klopfel engineering includes potential analysis at leading manufacturer of cutting and wrapping machines from mallet engineering offers a comprehensive range of engineering services. We convince our customers with highest demands on individuality and consistent cost reduction, which guarantee measurable results for all involved. An efficient network of German and international experts the basis for above-average results combined with below-average costs. Our offer includes both the acquisition of technical optimization projects (value analysis, performance improvement, development) and recruitment (onsite/offsite). Our customized and results-oriented concepts we rely mainly on our international and cross-industry experience.

The consultancy mallet engineering has received a consulting contract from the leading manufacturer of cutting and wrapping machines. The first phase of the project showed great optimization potential already after a short time. So elaborated Mallet Engineering after a three-day brief analysis to the recording and identification of value analysis optimization fields a concept. In a holistic approach to viewing, screened a value analysis to all cost development fields and allows a statement about possible starting points already after a short period of analysis. A short value stream analysis for the detection of flaws in the material flow was also performed in Darmstadt. After analyzing the implementation of the identified potential is now sought by both parties.

On The Road At Stuttgart – Escort

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

To take business trips best not only a visit to an unknown, new city can be an exciting experience. This happened to me in Stuttgart. In the media, the city made almost exclusively negative headlines in the past. Stuttgart 21 and the related protests cast a bad light on the city in Baden-Wurttemberg. What many do not know however: the town of car with the star has really interesting sites. My recent business trip, I took as usual accompanied by a fascinating and intelligent young lady from escort service Stuttgart, led me to just this town, I had to do business in Zuffenhausen. In addition to the somewhat dry as usual talks with business partners, the two evenings in the town were the highlight of this trip.

I visited the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen alone, so my date from the escort service Stuttgart was not too bad to go with me to the Fernsehturm Stuttgart (the first noticed around the world, by the way) and from an airy restaurant Height to enjoy consuming your breath overlooking Stuttgart. Incredibly, as the views of a city can change, as soon as one perceives them from the air. Slowly, it was dark, but the sight of the illuminated city light alternately was beautiful. Then was then still in the city centre in the clubs, on the dance floor really to be able to work out. On the final morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we took a little more time and strolled through the Green U.” Beautiful old building, very sizable trees and a great gardens are a real feast for the eyes. It’s great that you can also just enjoy moments accompanied by escort service Stuttgart. I would not want to miss this pleasant company and I will book again this service with safety! Horst Klawuppke

TimoCom Enters Offers Now Also Via Telephone

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Freight Exchange provider extends on the go service TimoCom go Dusseldorf 2011-08-01. After the en route service TimoCom successfully was suppose to go to Europe the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH offers users of its trunk – and freight exchange TC truck & cargo a practical extension since August 1, 2011: in addition to the telephone information to current freight and cargo services by mobile phone, customers can now also have the opportunity to instruct the personnel of TimoCom with the input of vehicle offerings in the stock market. Many freight Exchange users know this situation: you are looking for by traveling a matching cargo, under time pressure, but just cannot access the online Exchange. The service TimoCom helps to go in precisely such cases. Here, not only can get customers information about current freight and cargo space, but can now also vehicles on offer can be promptly enter truck & cargo in TC. The same hotline number still applies to this service: + 49 211 88 26 88 26 entering of the offerings in the stock market starting from telephone inquiry of the customer, the offers entered immediately after the conversation in the stock market.

This has the advantage that details about the available cargo space for all potential business partners appear promptly in the program. To be able to compete in action, the employees of TimoCom by the contracting authorities need only the necessary information, such as the desired relation and the description of the truck. To the data, the customer must address only in the company’s own transport directory TC profiles enter your eMail or communicated these to the native experts on the phone. Then they will receive a confirmation email with the collected data of for each order. Review the user’s secure TimoCom customers can properly use the en route service also in compliance with the strict security policy, it applies some a few things to consider: at the beginning of the conversation the TimoCom must be kept ready ID and user ID to the own identification.

Marketing Association

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Since the 1.1.2012, the newly founded aurigus GmbH under guidance of industry experts Birgit Wahl and Ulf Thomas offers solutions to lead generation, customer acquisition and cross-selling. The multichannel marketing services provider throws away many years of experience and high-quality network partnerships in the Pan so that from the start, when it comes to generating new customers and leads with high probability of response for company. Its customers the potential of existing customers, better prospects and profit game participant, will support aurigus but also help. Proven cross-selling mechanisms are used, by, for example, relevant partner offers are selected and integrated into existing customer actions. The aurigus GmbH as independent target group specialist also advises with own dialogue campaigns in the areas of postal, telephone, email, online – or supplement advertising with individual target groups and Adressvorschlagen. Quality and durability of new customers in focus “professional multichannel marketing is today half a century bring industry expertise. Birgit Wahl, born in 1960, is almost 30 years of experience in the dialogue marketing business at home. It has developed on the one hand dialogue campaigns in the online and offline customer page.

Fields were on the publishing, insurance and financial services industry. On the other hand it has demonstrated their skills in designing and managing services in dialog marketing. Last, she founded the a + s adressmanagement GmbH in 2006 and ran until December 2011 as managing partner these and the a + s together with two other partners DialogGroup GmbH. Birgit Wahl is Deputy Chairman of the list Council, in which renowned list broker and independent List Manager are organized in the German dialogue Marketing Association E.v. (DDV).

Considered experienced specialist and consultant in the target group marketing. Ulf Thomas, born in 1971, has been working since 1995 in the dialogue and call center industry. Originally coming from the financial sector were the focus of his professional from the mid-1990s in the Telecommunications and lottery sector. Since 2005, he developed concepts as founder and managing partner of the full service provider SSC United GmbH for acquiring new customers and carries out high-volume up – and cross-selling campaigns. For the experienced Dialogmarketer and call-center experts, the aurigus GmbH is a future-oriented extension of these performance areas. The aurigus GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart was founded in 2012 as a multichannel marketing service provider dialog marketing and call-centre experts Birgit Wahl and Ulf Thomas background information of aurigus GmbH. For the German, Austrian and Swiss market, the company develops individual solutions for customer acquisition and lead generation. Large-volume campaigns for shipping trade, the media, telecommunications and profit game industry as well as the insurance and financial services sector stand in the foreground. Moreover, proven cross-selling mechanisms used for aurigus customers, to better exploit their customer stocks and Generate additional sales. This sets the aurigus GmbH not only on your own project managers and IT professionals, but draws on an extensive network of cross-selling partners, product partners, and call centers. Also the company as independent target group specialist offers appropriate multichannel addresses for dialog actions from the area post, telephone, email or insert advertising. A broad instrument uses in online-marketing aurigus classic banner ads to the use of cost-per-click models for lead and sales generation. A trusting and reliable handling of consumer data is guaranteed by strict control and quality assurance processes. There is more information about the company and its services on the Internet at.

Payment GmbH Secured

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

The GG payment GmbH provides secure payment methods which are themselves easily in your Internet shop can be integrated. We are the interface between dealers and customers, and settle the payment in the Internet. With GG payment GmbH, shop owners have always a reliable partner by the hand, which represents the interface with the payment in the Internet. It doesn’t matter if they want to offer credit card clearing and electronic direct debit procedure on their shop, with the GG payment GmbH you make it easy and safe. Also put now on the experience and expertise of the GG payment GmbH, you trust our know-how in dealing with modern theme processes. The GG payment GmbH can be used soon in their company as an integral part of the corporate structure for the element. It mattereth not to your customers as many billing methods to offer as possible, it depends on the billing systems to use with which the customer would like to pay.

For your store, we can offer you over 32 national and international payment methods that your customers can use safely and easily. With the GG payment GmbH have a team on their side that knows perfectly what it is, let us together increase their sales on the Internet. The GG payment GmbH is a specialized service provider for billing with their customers. As an international service provider, the GG payment GmbH supports all payment methods, which are necessary for the success of your Internet-shops, such as credit card, bank transfer, ELV, or SEPA. Safe operations on the Internet for both sides, for both dealers and customers paid. Would also pay only when a customer will feel secure when shopping.

We manage the security for you and guarantee a smooth operation. Also we undertake risk management for you to increase your cash flow. You use the PCI level 1 certified gateway GG payment GmbH, trust to our experience and benefit from our expertise. The GG payment GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of secure payment systems on the Internet. Before connecting to our system, by which they Can reach customers all over the world and a way of payment can offer national as well as international clients will consult thoroughly by our friendly staff. What system modules for them are suitable can at any time our system has a modular design and products you can at any time change, or to order. No matter how big your business on the Internet is, with the GG payment GmbH, you have an experienced partner at your side who smoothly takes over the settlement for them. We offer a future-oriented solution that can grow with your needs for each request. Let us together which covers all your expectations find a package. Already, our base package includes all common payment method as you need for Germany. Can immediately pay your customers by credit card, bank transfer and direct debit schemes. Alone for the German-speaking countries, we offer 16 ways of payment. You want to achieve international clientele book simply international pay opportunities to, aligned on your traffic, appropriately tailored to their customers.

London Hotel

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

-, Restaurant – and sightseeing tips for visitors to London London consists of a total of 32 districts and every man for himself is like a city in itself. Kensington, Soho, Mayfair, Knightsbridge… Everywhere, there are interesting shops, excellent restaurants, charming Cafes. Great Britain capital is cosmopolitan and cosy at the same time and that’s what makes her special charm. And last but not least you meet here on prominent on every corner. One dinner with Kate Moss on the next table or meets Pippa Middleton at shopping.

London is a world city and hotspot. Inspired by the tips of escort Cologne and enjoy the city from its most beautiful side. The guest in London has a huge selection of 5 star luxury hotels and charming boutique hotel accommodation alone when choosing accommodation. Anyone looking for proximity to the luxury department store of Harrods, is recommended to the Mandarin Oriental. With its designer boutiques, also the Sloane Street is located in the immediate vicinity. Even more shopping is on the new Bond Street and old Bond Street possible. Here, the Claridge Hotel BBs offers luxurious accommodation in an Art Deco style. The hotel is also popular with Promineten such as Madonna.

The design hotel of the Ampersan in South Kensington is cheaper. The hip boutique hotel offers 11 stylish rooms and the proximity to the V & A Museum. Sightseeing the names of the most famous sights of London everybody already once heard: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge. You lean back relaxed and can be shown the sights of a private chauffeur who will gladly gives from the concierge of your hotel or to explore London on foot. On the homepage different walks through the city offered by the ghost walk-out to the Beatles-walk in the footsteps of John Lennon and Paul Mc Carteney. A boat tour with the London water bus has its charm. On the Regent BBs Canal, it moves to Little Venice and Camden Lock pass. Art lovers are visiting the Tate Modern, in South London, or Saatchi Gallery also at their own expense. Shopping the already too Start called luxury miles London admissions as Sloane Street, old and new Bond Street are well known. But there is to discover interesting outside of the international designer labels. In Notting Hill, for example, the Boutique of Sienna Miller twenty & twelve presented”style which fashion corresponds to the actress. In Chelsea, can be found at the shop at Bluebird”a wide range of fashion, furniture and gifts. Up-and-coming designers present their fashion in the old Spitalfields market. Restaurants by the cosy pub is up to the gourmet restaurant in London to find anything in a wide range. A special highlight is the restaurant sketch, the French chef Pierre g kidney is responsible for its cuisine. Sketch features an extravagant and luxurious interior design, as it is found only in London. A visit of the Wholesley is recommended for a quick or even extensive lunch. In bistro atmosphere, you can sit here, chat, and incidentally on the one or the other celebrity meet. A Celebtrity hotspot has been for years Cipriani’s Italian restaurant. Often lurk hordes of paparazzi on Naomi Campbell or Cameron Diaz before the front door. The newer offshoot of downtown Mayfair has enjoyed since opening also utmost popularity. Who now got fancy on a city trip to London, escort Cologne recommends the peek into our blog. Here you will find more ideas for your stay in London, as well as travel tips for many other destinations.