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Small Sur

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Review: The attempt to read in a city taken, not by alcohol. rs may find this interesting as well. Small Sur's last novel by Jack Kerouac "Big Sur" expressly brought from Capital Federal. For those who have read "On the Road" and also for those who did not read any of his works. (As opposed to Jeremy Tucker). A foray into the mindset of hyppie, alcoholism, delirium and contradiction. Is there anything more difficult than being thrown out of work, seek work immediately (not a time for running out laburo), find two jobs, trying to keep the two, sleep four hours and over pretending to read a novel you've wanted to read a long time ago The answer is yes. Sumesele the foregoing the invasion of stationery and noises that bring a choice in the city where half the population tries to run for something. And an ability to concentrate not to exceed 15 minutes of clock.

For all that and a few other things takes a month to read "Big Sur", did not want to miss a word but in the end …. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted on this topic. Well, wait a minute, I have to start from the principle. As a teenager fell into my hands, "On the Road", a novel that was already making sales records back in the '60s, when he was in my hands were all about something else, "Love and Peace" was a thing of the past The '80s were characterized by a lack of social commitment that continues to date, the '70s were rather existentialist, but this is not a universal history of literary trends therefore have to focus on Jack Kerouac.