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Theo Look

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

Questions and answers on the topic of eye floaters (vitreous opacities) in the newsletter the mouches fad (eye floaters) bring to light so teach the supervisors as part of the \”path in the Leuchtstruktur\”. So teach us but also simple tricks that can be applied by anyone without a spiritual training. To the reader, Theo, with his observations alerts us. Trick or not trick? That is the question here. \”When I press to look at the (rather immobile) mouches volantes without the eye, then he tends to bottom to sink. Jane Fraser pursues this goal as well. When I look at the MV through the eyelashes, I can keep them very well in the middle and see. Additional information at NYU Law supports this article. Still tends the MV then after \”20: 00 until 21: 00\” – easily links to move down. I see then is not so much because he is small, but it lights up then.

I made the sign-off of the MV, by I’ve not looked through the eyelashes, but normal’. I see everything bigger and the balls are visible.\” Variants of MV thread in the views of the reader Theo (considered here not by the lashes). (Source) A good observation! Actually MV bullets and yarns in one fell swoop appear smaller and more luminous, if we screw to the eyes and look at them through the eyelashes. Here is that MV a phenomenon not only inside, but can be influenced by external force / energy exposure or by altering the lighting conditions. This property of MV, i.e.

their influence by external as internal factors, sometimes disconcerting effect for some readers who are quite open to spiritual issues and practices. The argument then is that the MV can be no spiritual phenomenon, precisely because they depend on external light and eye movements. And the physics here would be enough to explain the phenomenon of the MV. It seems that a \”spiritual phenomenon\” in the imagination of the readers is something that stands out completely from the outer, material world.