The Assets

The profit and loss account (p & l) is seen as final result at any given time, that arises from the ongoing branch network. Gain insight and clarity with Antique Garden Sale. To influence the individual values takes place in advance through the control of the Filialgeschaftsprozesse. If the results are satisfactory at the end of a period, is the rear services, depending on the point of sales, their care and support. While the analysis of financial management involves dealing with the money earned, must be or not be Cashmanagementprozesse assessed, whether and to what extent services towards customers. On hand determines which of several key figures and as money how to deal with the money and which balance sheet image exists is, to get debt. When asked what business processes actually have influence on the assets side of the balance sheet, the release of capital in the system – as well as current assets is in the foreground. Phillipe Lavertu takes a slightly different approach. Analyze the balance sheet liabilities is to individual forms of financing (the selected external financing for the companies appropriate?) and cash management (dealing with the flow of money into the companies properly and profitably?).

Another analysis area is not trouble-free or even missing interaction between local and Central functional units. Too often, the focus is placed on the process organization and neglected dealing with the money earned and the liquidity or the tasks in the field of capital (capital procurement, risk management, financial services, financial marketing). Therefore, a total uniform structured process management is integrated to the analysis locally and centrally in the companies. Result is a solution that the both the filialbetrieblichen processes on the branch system performance level recorded as also the processes which take place on the purely monetary business page in the chain store companies. Also noted is that there are interfaces without media discontinuities between these two levels, being only about a sensible priority number of indicators filialbetriebliche processes to control.

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