The Edges

Important: do not apply cream between your fingers. They must not remove, carve or smooth corns and calluses from your feet. Much less use callicidas or antiseptic lotions do not place feet near any heat sources such as: fireplaces, campfires, stoves etc. At all costs avoid going barefoot. Avoid the use of leagues, or socks with elastic at the edges. Use socks that are loose and comfortable.

You do not smoke, and try not to cross your legs or sitting on them. This makes irrigation of blood to your feet. 10 The use of slippers or sandals is not recommended with strap between the toes. (Crow’s feet) 11. Do not use hot water balls, pads to warm the feet. Filed under: Russell Reynolds. 12 Take care nail cutting. Do so by leaving a space from the edge of the finger, and cortarls straight and filing them gently.

13 Use appropriate footwear. Shoes for foot Diabeticola choice of a suitable footwear, is an important part in the treatment of the diabetic foot, along with standards of hygiene and care described above. For the proper use of footwear is recommended: always using socks. Avoiding the use of socks or stockings with elastic bands that may block blood flow to the lower extremities. Do not use pata type of Rooster sandals or others who leave feet exposed. The shoe should be preferably leather, lightweight and with non-skid soles. It is recommended a lining of natural res, since it is more cool, breathable and does not accumulate moisture as do certain fabrics. Footwear must be wide instep and tip to allow mobility of the fingers. You should also retain its structure. It is not recommended to use moldable shoe is recommended to inspect the inside of the footwear prior to use to avoid having any stones or other objects that might damage the foot. It is advisable to have more than one pair of shoes and alternate their use. This allows you to give them greater time of ventilation and evaporation of accumulated moisture, as well as it helps to change the areas of pressure on the foot. The footwear to be fair. Neither too loose nor too tight. It is recommended that when purchasing footwear in the afternoon which is when the foot is more swollen. Avoid the use of narrow tip and heel shoes. Diabetic foot is a health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. The best way to prevent it is taking care of your blood sugar levels, avoid smoking, and exercising.

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